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The Best Way to Get Packages Delivered to Your Apartment

Apartment living in Las Vegas is marvelous, since you have few of the worries homeowners do and so much social life right at your doorstep. One challenging part of life in apartments in Las Vegas, though, is getting packages delivered.

At particular times of the year—holidays, birthdays, graduations—this can be a real inconvenience. To help, we at Heers Management have three strategies for you, ranging from good to better to best.

Good: Lockup

Get a package delivery lockbox. This can be opened once by the delivery agent, and then it locks. You keep the key. Check with your landlord or property manager on the best way to secure the package delivery lockbox to your unit. This might mean chaining it to a railing, for example.

Better: Be Willing to Tip

Your apartment property manager, landlord, doorman or maintenance worker may be willing to sign for and accept your package. Avoid making this a regular thing, and remember it is a courtesy on their part that requires a little something “extra” on your part in the form or a tip.

If an apartment building employee receives your package, ask her or him to deposit it inside your apartment, rather than leaving it in a lobby or public space. Yes, you should tip extra for that service, too.

Best: Avoidance

The best way to deal with delivering packages to the The Del Mar Terrace Apartments, or other apartment complexes in Phoenix and Las Vegas is to cleverly avoid apartment package delivery in the first place:

  • Rent a post office box—Most post offices offer extended lobby hours, and will slip a package alert paper into your mailbox. You take the slip to the counter clerk during counter hours and get your package (though size and weight limits may apply).
  • Have it left at the shipping company for you to pick up—At no extra charge, both UPS and FedEx will hold your package at their site; you just have to drive there to retrieve it.
  • Have it shipped to a neighbor’s or relative’s house—Check first and give your homeowner helpers a heads-up that a package for you is coming to them.
  • Get it shipped to your workplace or school—Use an address that you know can receive packages, so the Las Vegas heat does not melt your chocolate treats.


We understand that you may not be able to follow our top suggestions so here are a few alternative options for getting packages delivered to your apartment.

  • Use delivery text alerts: When no one else can pick up your package, and you have nowhere else to ship it to, consider using delivery text alerts to your advantage. Use the alerts to predict when your package will arrive and head over to pick it up when you know it’s about to be dropped off. This option, of course, only works if you can head back home.
  • Manage your package delivery online: UPS and FedEx allow you to manage your deliveries, specifically to request a new delivery time. With this option, you can now request that your package be delivered at a time you are home.
  • Provide specific instructions: Some mail delivery services allow you to add specific instructions, such as where to leave your packages. If there is a hiding spot, such as a bush, consider asking that the delivery person place your package in the hiding spot. Just be aware that going this route still puts your package at risk of being stolen. You may also ask that the package be delivered to a leasing office.
  • Use an Amazon Locker: If your package is an Amazon order, consider having it delivered to an Amazon locker where it will be stored until you pick it up using a unique pick-up code.
  • Install a surveillance system: While it does not guarantee you will always receive your packages, a surveillance system can deter many from taking your packages when they are left outside your apartment.
  • Invest in new technology: There are more modern additions to security systems that serve to deter people from taking your packages. For example, Package Guard is a disc-like device placed outside your apartment. The packages are placed on top of it and if they are moved a loud alarm is triggered.

Heers Management

Heers Management Company is happy to work with our Aviata apartment renters in Las Vegas. We can help make the task of getting packages delivered to an apartment easy on our renters, the UPS delivery driver, and the folks at Fedex. Contact us for more information.

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