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How to Decorate Your Phoenix Apartment for Christmas | Heers

The holiday season is here and that means it’s time to decorate! Apartment homes in Phoenix AZ are quite diverse, which means there are many opportunities to decorate creatively.

Here are some Arizona Christmas ideas for all kinds of apartment spaces.

When you don’t have enough room

1. Consider using an alternative to a big, holiday Douglas fir and opt for one of these ideas, instead

  • A tabletop tree
  • Create a decorative Christmas tree by taping one on the wall or using wrapping/wallpaper
  • Use one decorative tree branch centered in your living room or multiple branches around your home
  • Use pinecones and some glitter to create mini-Christmas trees you can place on your living room table

2. Use other spaces when you don’t have enough wall space

  • Hang ornaments from things like bookshelves, key holders, coat racks, etc.
  • Use your window space to display a wreath, lights or other kinds of decorations
  • Add decorations such as tinsel, poinsettias, garland, and/or ribbons to your staircase

3. Think smart

  • Use the actual presents as decorations. With the right wrapping paper and cute bows, a pile of presents can serve as both gifts and as part of the decor
  • Use a curtain rod as a stocking holder to fit multiple stockings on your mantel.
  • Instead of changing the decor of a room entirely, find decorations that add to the already established scheme.

When you have lots of room to fill

1. Whether you have an empty wall or an empty corner there is always something you can add to it to create a festive vibe

  • Adding pine cones throughout your apartment can bring both a festive look and scent to less decorated areas. Don’t forget to add mistletoe as well!
  • Use cardstock to create paper tree decorations for small tables and nooks that may be missing some holiday cheer
  • Lights are typically seen outside the home and on the Christmas tree, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them elsewhere. Try adding twinkle lights, a small table, and a few other decorations of your choice, to an empty corner to create a friendly and festive space.
  • Add aroma to the mix. You can use candles or your favorite recipes to create a Christmas scent within your apartment that can make it seem festive even when lacking decorations.

Don’t forget the outside

  • Add charm by using seasonal flowers and plants in the doorway
  • Decorate your mailbox with a topper, Christmas tree branches, bells or ribbons. You can even add a wreath if your mailbox can handle it.
  • Consider using lanterns instead of lights for the porch

Heers Management

No matter the apartment’s size of location there’s always some way to add some Christmas flare so go forth and decorate! Contact Heers Management for more ideas on decorating your apartment in Phoenix.

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