How to Keep Your Home Cool during 100 Degree Days without Large Electric Bills

How to Keep Your Home Cool during 100 Degree Days without Large Electric Bills

Summer is upon us, and if you’re like most people, you’re already starting to feel the heat. While nights are still relatively comfortable, you’re going to need that AC during the day.

While cranking the AC down to its lowest setting will work, you’ll end up with an unpleasant bill from the electric company by doing that. There are some ways you can beat the summer heat without spending your entire savings though.

Use this guide from Heers Management to keep your place comfortable on those over-100 degree days.

Use Windows Wisely

Open windows allow cool air to come into your home in the evenings – when the evenings are still cool – so using them can help you keep your place comfortable without running the AC as much. Those same windows can be a real problem once the morning sun comes up.

That’s because the heat of the day can quickly fill your home and undo all of that cooling you got from the previous night. Then you’ll have to turn the AC up full blast just to combat the hot air you let in.

To use your windows wisely, make sure to close them when you wake up in the morning. This works best if you’re an early riser however, so if you’re the type who gets up at noon or works the night shift, closing those windows when you go to bed is the best idea. You won’t get all the benefits of cool air from outside, but that’s still better than fighting the heat that will come with the morning.

When the nights are no longer cool, you’ll need to keep the windows shut around the clock to keep the hot air out.

Draw Those Curtains

Sunlight helps to light your home without running up your bills, but when it’s hot in the middle of the day, you’re going to be letting in a ton of heat by leaving your curtains open. Instead, pull them shut when you get up in the morning or before it starts to warm up. Ideally you should have those curtains closed by 11am at the latest.

Once it starts to cool down in the evening, which can be anywhere from 5 to 8pm, you can open them again. Let the cool night air in and you may be able to turn the AC off on more pleasant evenings.

Buy a Quality Fan

Fans aren’t always the most beautiful appliances in your home, but when you want to stay cool and not raise your electric bill up through the ceiling you probably won’t care. Not to mention there are some pretty good looking fans out there if you take your time when shopping for one.

The best thing about a fan is that it will work to make you feel cooler, not to cool the room. When the air from a fan hits your skin it naturally cools it, so remember that fans only work when you’re in the room.

Turn your fan off when you leave the room since it won’t actually work to cool the room. Of course, if you position a fan near an open window at night, you might get even more cooling since the fan will push that outside air throughout your room faster.

Heers Management

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