Design Trends You Should Know For 2017

2017 is getting closer and it’s time to start looking at the top interior design trends for the coming year. Many of these trends are built upon some of 2016’s most popular styles, adding more flare and flavor to already brilliant designs.

Still Minimalist, but More Color

The move toward minimalist designs really took off a few years ago with many designers focusing heavily on black, white and grey color schemes, and back-to-basics furniture. Now we are seeing a continuation of these styles, but with different colors like bright blues and yellows added as accents.

Geometric Patterns

More and more designers can be seen using unusual shapes and patterns to add texture to rooms. Whether it’s a backsplash made of hexagonal tiles, or a bathroom with different geometric shapes highlighted, the days of plain rectangular and square tiles are at an end.

Hanging lights and lamp shades are another place where geometric shapes are making an appearance.

More Natural Woods

Natural wood furniture is making a big comeback these days. Most often, it is being used in repurposed projects or it is left in its natural, rough state to bring in some unique personality.

The focus here is on connecting with the history of the wood, rather than shaping it and staining it for a glossy finish.

Textured Walls

Years ago wood paneling was all the rage. Today, designers are adding texture to walls in a handful of interesting ways.

By using offset slats, negative space and inset backlighting, it is possible to completely change the look of a wall, making this a modern twist on one of history’s most notable design trends.

Heers Management

At Heers Management, we know that 2017 is sure to be full of plenty of new design trends along the way, in addition to those mentioned above. We can expect more color and a variety of new and old materials to make their way into Phoenix, Arizona apartment homes, as well as those in Las Vegas and across the Southwest.

The desire to reconnect with earthy materials is certainly going to be a driving factor in the way we repurpose wood furniture. Also, geometry takes on a fun and exciting personality by breaking up boring old straight lines and adding a bit more eye-catching appeal.

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