Living in Phoenix: A Dust Storm Survival Guide

Dust storms occur regularly in Phoenix, AZ, and it’s best to be prepared ahead of time. Here are small, but important steps you can take to keep your home as close to dust-free as possible.

How to keep the dust outside

1. Keep doors and windows closed and well maintained

There are home protection alarms and sensors you can invest in that will beep or inform you through an app that a window or door is open. Make it a daily habit to check all doors and windows big and small, especially during days when you know a dust storm is likely.

Don’t forget to perform general maintenance on the doors and windows as well. Sealing the small cracks around them can be a big dust preventer. Consider adding weather seal if the door has significant gaps between it and the floor or siding.

2. Remove outside furniture and decor

Anything outside runs a risk of going up into the air and possibly damaging your windows so make sure to take outdoor items – umbrellas, decorations, potted plants, etc. – inside during dust storms.

How to keep dust under control when it sneaks in

1. Use a good vacuum and filter

You may not like it but vacuums don’t necessarily trap all the dust they say they do – and often end up releasing the dust back in the air. By investing in a good vacuum with a HEPA filter and good suction, you’re significantly reducing the chances of releasing the dust.

To keep the vacuum running efficiently, make sure to change the filter every six months or less. If you are using a reusable filter, make sure to clean it in a gentle manner every six months or less.

2. Make sure your A/C is also well maintained

Make sure you’re using a quality air filter that is capable of trapping dust and that it is replaced promptly.

Also make sure to have your air ducts tested and sealed, if necessary. Dust tends to collect around them and may get pushed into the air if not removed. As an added bonus, sealing the ducts also reduces energy costs.

3. Keep those cleaning rags clean & efficient

If you clean up the dust using rags, avoid adding softener when you wash them. Also, avoid adding dryer sheets when drying them. Both softener and dryer sheets reduce cloth’s ability to pick up dust and also makes it less absorbent.

Heers Management is here to help you keep your apartment safe, even from dust storms. Contact us if you have questions or concerns about preparing your apartment for dust storm season. If you are interested in a new apartment please take an online look at our properties.

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