Average Utilities for a 3 Bedroom Apartment

As you work out your budget for a three-bedroom apartment in the Phoenix or Las Vegas area, remember to include utility costs. Many people look at their monthly rental costs but forget to plan for the utilities. Having roommates will cut down on what you pay for your monthly utilities.

How to Plan for Utilities

You can’t live without basic utilities such as electricity, air conditioning and heat. The approximate average monthly utility cost for a three-bedroom apartment in the Phoenix or Las Vegas area is about $500. This includes electricity, cable/internet, water, heat (if billed separately) and garbage collection.

There are variables that can change some of these costs depending on the time of year. In our hot Southwest summers, your air conditioning costs will be higher, but heat in the winter is lower. The cost of television providers will vary considerably – consider this as you move into your new apartment and add to your budget.

How to Save Money on Utilities

If your budget needs to be slimmed down a bit, there are easy ways to decrease costs of basic utilities in three-bedroom apartments for rent.

Close your closet doors

You would be surprised how much cooling or heating is lost when closet doors remain open. Your closet doesn’t need to be cooled or heated – so keep the doors closed and save some coin!

Turn off your lights

It’s surprising how many people leave too many lights on while they’re gone. Install an automatic timer so you will have a light on while you’re away. One or two lights is sufficient to leave on in the evening. When you leave the apartment while it’s light out, it’s easy to forget and leave too many lights on. Try to make it a habit to turn off the light as you exit a room.

Television costs

There are plenty of options how to keep your TV costs down. Look into some of the less costly alternatives to traditional cable or satellite. You’ll be surprised at your savings.

Best Way to Split The Bill with Your Roommate

Sharing costs with roommates can be tricky – regardless of how close of friends you are. It’s a good idea to create ground rules or guidelines. Make sure your bills and costs are organized. Before moving in, figure out how bills will be split and how they will be paid. You will avoid stress and tension later on if you have all things regarding money determined early on.

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