Moving to Las Vegas

Relocating brings with it a lot of changes, many that you may have not even thought about. Moving means a new home, new routes and new go-to stores. Moving to Sin City comes with its own new experiences. While your new home is famous for wild nights and non-stop gambling, living in Las Vegas also means you get to see a different facet of this beautiful city. Yes, having the fun tourist attractions close is great, but there are other aspects of Las Vegas that are just as enjoyable.

For one, Las Vegas is an entirely different city on paper than it is in reality, ethnic- and income-wise. Unlike what the advertisements and commercials display, it is a very ethnic- and income-diverse city so don’t worry about not fitting in if you don’t look like the people you see in the flyers and social media posts.

It’s also a city that never sleeps, and it’s not just the infamous Strip that’s always awake – the whole town is. You can order takeout at any hour of the day or night. There is always something open no matter the time so feel free to order some Thai at 2 a.m.; nobody is judging you.


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Living in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegans have more to life than just you see on TV. Life in Las Vegas has many benefits that are often left out of the tourism brochures that you will definitely enjoy once you are settled in your new home. One considerable economic benefit is the lack of a state income tax.

Come paycheck day, more money will go to your pocket instead of Uncle Sam’s. Second, the cost of living is actually below the national average. It may seem off – after all, Sin City portrays a lavish lifestyle that very few people could afford – but it is actually quite affordable compared to many U.S. cities.

Living in Las Vegas also means quick access to a vacation, or rather stay-cation. Many things that you want out of a vacation are right here within reach. There are attractions all over the city, and tourists as well, so you will never feel like you are missing out on anything. Whether you want to head into the city to enjoy some fun in a party atmosphere or relax in the beautiful wonders of nature, there is somewhere you can go vacation the way you want to vacation. Las Vegas is a package deal – you get a great home and a great stay-cation.


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Las Vegas Attractions

Moving to Las Vegas means you have to enjoy all the attractions here. You’re already in Sin City itself so why not? Once you are settled in or settling in, consider going out on an exploration of your new home city. It has a lot of sights to enjoy, including:
  • The Strip: The infamous four-mile Strip is a spot you simply cannot miss out on. It’s technically not within Las Vegas’ city limits but it’s close enough and the large number of casinos make it worth the trip.
  • Downtown Las Vegas: The city has recently been working on creating a more urban feel for the central area of Las Vegas and it’s worth checking out how the work in progress. It’s got a great food scene area and also is known for fascinating architecture.
  • The Arts District: This spot south of downtown is home to a variety of art galleries, yoga studios, one-of-a-kind boutiques and, of course, unique restaurants. If you’re a lover of any form of art, you have to visit this part of town at least once.
  • Chinatown: It’s called Chinatown but it is more of an extensive Asian culture area. More of a commercial space than a residential area, it's here you’ll find a concentration of all sorts of Asian products both traditional and modern. You’ll find both goods and food.
  • Las Vegas Motor Speedway: You can’t live in Las Vegas and not attend at least one race at the speedway. There are multiple tracks and races to watch throughout the year, so there’s always a chance to catch a good race.
  • Hoover Dam: It’s not in the city itself, but it’s definitely worth the trip. There are very few man-made wonders that can inspire awe like this one.
  • Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area: If you need some nature in your life, this one spot in Nevada you can’t miss. Here you can go hiking, horseback riding and watch a wide variety of wildlife. It is also home to premier rock sites with beautiful images.
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: Unlike at Sloan Canyon, at Red Rock you can also go rock climbing and camp out.


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Job Market in Las Vegas

One interesting fact about the jobs in Las Vegas is that you can make a fortune by bartending. Some bartenders in Sin City have reported earning $100,000 or more. If bartending is not your thing there are plenty of other jobs available. Las Vegas is a tourist city, so the hospitality industry is always hiring.

If you’re looking to be part of the startup culture, then you’re in luck. Part of the Downtown Las Vegas initiative involves creating the right atmosphere for the start-up environment. So if you’re up for creating your own business adventure or being part of someone’s startup business, there are plenty of opportunities.


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Advice for Those Moving to Las Vegas

Simply moving to a new apartment can be a hassle, and moving to a new city can be even more so when you don’t have all the information. There is so much that happens in daily life that sometimes it is easy to forget what daily living actually requires and involves.

For example, at times you can forget that not all cities or states have authentic foreign foods or not all cities require you to have a car. To make sure you have all your bases covered before you get to Las Vegas, here are some important things you need to know regarding the different aspects of living life in Las Vegas.


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Housing in Las Vegas

Like many places in the U.S., Las Vegas felt the results of last decade's housing bubble and the housing market hasn’t been the same since.
Renting, on the other hand, has been a more positive market. Rent prices are currently rather low and very affordable: The average one-bedroom apartment rents for an average of $780 a month.

Where to Find Apartment Rentals in Las Vegas

Apartment rentals are a great idea for those just moving to the city. Not only is it a more affordable choice, but it's also ideal for those just beginning to know the city. It means more of an ability to move if you don’t like the first area you live in. It’s also an easier option than buying a home – moving to a new city is stressful enough without adding mortgage paperwork to the mix.
Finding the right apartment rental is not that hard. All you have to do is reach out to the right people. Contact relatives or acquaintances in the Las Vegas for recommendations. Also, reach out to management companies to hear what they have to offer and take a tour.


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Things to Do in Las Vegas

  • Enjoy the casinos: It's almost impossible to live in Las Vegas, the city of gambling, and not visit the casinos. It would almost be a sin itself. There are so many casinos on the Strip you probably won’t be able to resist if you tried.
  • Watch a concert or show: Las Vegas is full of venues for concerts and shows, including The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, The Smith Center and Saxe Theatre, just to name a few. Stars big and small come from all over the world to perform in Vegas, so take advantage of living in a talent hotspot and check it out for yourself.
  • Take a tour: It may seem silly to take a tour of where you’ll be living – after all, you can just get to know it day by day – but in Las Vegas you can take air, helicopter and balloon tours. Why not get to know your new city in a new way? It will make for a memorable way to greet the place you’ll call home.


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Where to Eat in Las Vegas

The great thing about Las Vegas is that food is available 24/7, plus there is a wide variety of foods to choose from. If you prefer to make your own food at home, you’re still in pretty good luck because there are also a fair amount of grocery stores that are open 24/7, too. For those who want to enjoy the various ethnic foods Las Vegas has in store, here’s a list of what you have to check out:
  • Lotus of Siam: Thai food is a must in Las Vegas, and Lotus of Siam is an even bigger must! This restaurant is so good it has a cult following. It stands apart from the large group of Thai food restaurants in town and has made a real name for itself.
  • Thai food in general: Lotus of Siam isn’t the only Thai food in town, and it’s worth your while to try them all to compare. There are varieties of Thai food, so it’s not likely you’ll ever get bored.
  • Raku: Raku is where you want to go if you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine. Not only do they have Japanese dishes to die for, they also have an excellent variety of vegetarian options.
  • Le Cirque: Inside the Bellagio lies this great restaurant with a different take on French cuisine. This where you have to go when you feel like both fine dining while daring to try something new.
  • Eiffel Tower Restaurant at Paris Las Vegas: This restaurant isn’t only a place of fine dining; it’s also a place to experience a little bit of Paris in Las Vegas. The atmosphere, the architecture and the food combine to recreate Paris right before your eyes. It’s the perfect place to take a date.


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Las Vegas is a predominantly a car-driven city so it’s a good idea to bring a car or plan on buying a car when you get here, but it does provide options for moving around without a car, especially in tourist areas. If you’re enjoying a day out on the Strip, you have the choice of riding the Las Vegas Monorail and you qualify for a Nevada resident discount when you present your new Nevada state identification.

There is also a bus system in place that can get you around the city areas. A 30-day pass costs approximately $65. Luckily, there is a cheaper alternative in certain areas of town. Major tourist regions and areas with hotels, casino and resorts often have free shuttle services that can get Las Vegas tourists around. It may not be something to rely on heavily but it will definitely get you around without having to deal with parking and parking meters in packed areas.

Regarding driving, it can get a little expensive. The average cost of a gallon of gas is over three dollars, significantly higher than the national average of $2.30.

Feel free to enjoy of round of drinks safely as Las Vegas does have rideshare companies in place. Both major ride shares, Uber and Lyft, function within the city of Las Vegas as well as smaller rideshare companies like Vugo.

Finding the perfect apartment isn’t easy. If you need help, feel free to contact Heers Management. We are here to help you locate the apartment that meets all of your needs.