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7 Places to Visit This Summer in Phoenix

It’s nice to hang out at home once you get your apartment just the way you like it, but don’t let that make you miss out on all the great summer activities around the city. There are plenty of things to do even during the hotter months of the year. One of the best things about a Phoenix apartment is that you’re right in the middle of everything, so take advantage of your location by getting out and about. Here are seven of our favorite ways to embrace your summer in Arizona.

1 – Go to the Zoo

 The Phoenix Zoo offers plenty to see, and you may be able to beat the heat with early admission times during the summer months. Arrive right when the gates open, and you’ll be able to beat the crowds. It will feel almost like your own personal zoo as you take a morning stroll through all the exhibits. Some of the animals will be more active before the temperatures go up throughout the day, as they may seek shade by the afternoon.

Even the exhibits themselves are nicely landscaped, and there’s a lot to look at no matter which time of day you arrive. If you still have some energy after your walk through the zoo, you might want to check out the desert botanical garden which is close by. The combination of these two attractions can keep people entertained for an entire day.

 2 – OdySea Aquarium

 The OdySea aquarium is one of the few places in the desert where you can see a fascinating collection of fish. As an added bonus, it’s an air-conditioned escape for even the hottest days of the year. This facility is beautifully designed, and also happens to be one of the largest aquariums in this part of the country. There are dozens of different exhibits, including some options that might surprise you. Innovative additions like a fish tank in a restroom or an elevator have helped OdySea get attention on a national scale. It’s definitely worth a trip for visitors and long-time residents alike.

 3 – Take the Trek to Oak Creek Canyon

 Oak Creek Canyon is only a moderate drive away from Phoenix, which makes it an excellent option for a day trip. A raised altitude offers some relief from the desert conditions in much of the surrounding area, so summer visitors get a lot of benefits:

  • Different Flora – It’s hard to find naturally occurring plants besides cacti and succulents if you stay directly around Phoenix, but Oak Creek Canyon is home to some more lush vegetation.
  • Keep It Cool – The leafy trees provide plenty of shade, which combines with the altitude to create much cooler conditions. Take a nice long hike without sweating so much, and you may even stumble upon a creek or two.
  • Slip and Slide – Slide Rock Park contains red rocks which double as natural waterslides.

The drive from Phoenix would already be worth it just because of everything that greets you when you arrive. Better yet, the journey itself is scenic thanks to the rapidly changing landscape and photogenic natural features.

 4 – Catch a Game

 Chase Field is located right downtown in Phoenix. That means there are plenty of nearby places to visit before and after you cheer on the Diamondbacks. Catch a bite to eat, hear some live music, or visit some of the other options on this list to make a day of it. Just don’t forget to save room for ballpark snacks– stadium food options are getting more creative every year.

One of our favorite things about Diamondbacks games during the dog days of summer is that you can watch them in comfort. Chase Field was built with a retractable roof to provide shelter from sweltering weather conditions. The roof closes, the air conditioning kicks in, and suddenly you can watch baseball and avoid the heat at the same time. Such an opportunity is rare in the United States.

 5 – Main Event Entertainment

 Staying inside doesn’t have to be boring, and Main Event proves it. This massive complex covers nearly 60,000 square feet and can accommodate 1,800 guests at any given time. Groups of 10 or more people flock here for everything from happy hours to children’s birthday parties. Activities include relaxed options like bowling and more intense adventures like navigating the high ropes course.

It’s nearly impossible to get bored here, so you might just want to stay all day. In that event, you’ll be thankful that they have a massive kitchen. There are enough food and drink options to satisfy just about any taste preferences, and you’ll be able to sustain your energy for a full day of playing.

 6 – Hit the Lake

 Days at the lake are part of the quintessential summer experience, and you don’t have to miss out just because Phoenix is in a desert. There are more lakes in the area than you might expect, and some of them are relatively large in size. Saguaro Lake is one of our personal favorites because there are so many different things to do here. Walk around the shoreline to get a close look at some cacti, then hop in for a swim when you need to cool off.

Pack a lunch and have a picnic, then enjoy water-based activities like fishing, skiing, and boating. If you’re feeling up for some strenuous activity, rent a kayak and paddle yourself around. Otherwise, you might want to hop aboard the Desert Belle cruise line for an air-conditioned trip around some of the most scenic features of Saguaro Lake. These cruises are narrated with information about the sights as well as some history on the areas largest bodies of water.

 7 – Flee to Flagstaff

 Phoenix is great, and one of the best places to live in the United States. Even the most livable cities still aren’t completely flawless, and the summer heat here can become a lot to handle. If you get to the point that even walking to your car starts feeling unbearable, head for greener pastures. Flagstaff is far enough away that you may want to consider spending the night, but the drive is worth it for average summer temperatures that normally top out around 80°F.

Downtown Flagstaff has a rich history, art, restaurants, and other activities. Just outside the town, you’ll find a wide selection of places to hike. It’s also a great jumping-off point for in-state road trips to awesome natural wonders like the Grand Canyon or the Petrified National Forest.

 Apartments for Rent in Phoenix

 Many of the options on this list share a common theme: staying cool during incredible heat waves. One of the best ways to enjoy your summer is by living it out in one of the best apartments Phoenix has to offer. At Heers Management, we are proud to offer well-appointed units and heat-mitigating amenities like community pools.

Since we’re also conveniently located, you’ll be able to visit all of your favorite places once you’ve worked up the will to get out and explore. Contact us today to see if one of our Phoenix apartments can become your summer oasis.

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