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How to Throw a Successful Guy’s Night at Your Apartment

Once you’ve used our online resources for Phoenix apartments to make your new home nice, it’s time to have some buddies over and show it off. Maybe you just need a place to relax for a little bit before hitting the town, or perhaps you want to stay in all night to save money after your big move. Either way, throwing a guy’s night at your apartment is a great way to get the whole crew together on your terms. Here are just a few of our favorite activities to help you plan a memorable evening.

1 – Sample Some Local Brews

 The thriving metropolis that it is, Phoenix has an exploding craft beer scene. Discerning beer connoisseurs have created a demand for craft brews, and now you and your buddies can take full advantage of it. Go to local stores or visit the breweries themselves and stock up on six packs, growlers, and whatever else you can get your hands on. Craft beer isn’t always the cheapest option, so you may want to ask each friend to bring a sampling of their favorites.

Even if you’re sipping the good stuff, a night in with some local beers will still cost less than going out to a hip bar. Having a few beers will help everybody work up an appetite, so don’t forget to plan for some light snacks at a minimum. Pretzels and nuts make great companions for frosty beers, or you can all chip in to order a pizza.


 2 – Everyone You Love Is Already Here

 That may or may not feel like the truth, but it’s nice to pretend either way. Staying in at the apartment makes it way easier to have a conversation than going to a crowded bar, so make the most of it. Have everyone put their phones in a pile once everyone has arrived for the night. You’ll all be able to relax and unwind more effectively without technological stressors buzzing you every couple of minutes.

If you want to raise the stakes, make a rule to discourage people from checking their phones. For example, the first guy to check his phone has to buy beverages for your next get together, order your Uber later, or get a pizza delivered.


 3 – Throw the Game on

 This one doesn’t feel especially inspired, but simplicity can be part of what makes a guy’s night great. If there’s an important game on (or if there are fantasy league implications), some sports action might get the crew hyped up. If it’s just another midsummer night’s game for the D-Backs, it will make for some mellow background noise. Kick back with some refreshments, and chatter about which moves the front office should make to bring your team to the promised land.


 4 – Host a Poker Night

 Gather around the table and bust out a deck of cards. If no one has any clay poker chips to play with, you can always keep track with pennies or something else. Sitting around in a circle is a great way to start a nice conversation and catch up, so don’t commit too much to your poker face. If Texas hold’em isn’t your cup of whiskey, consider another game.

There are party games to accommodate groups of almost any size, so it should be easy to find something that’s fun for everyone. If you have a big group, you might want to pick a simple game with a gentle learning curve. The easier the game is, the more you’ll be able to relax without getting caught up in strategy.


5 – Hit the Gym

 If you and your buddies all are gym rats, they may appreciate your apartment’s weight room. It’s a pretty healthy way to blow off some steam from your work week, and it might make you feel better about any unhealthy decisions that follow later in the night. Nothing says bromance like being a supportive spotter.


6 – Create a Masterpiece in the Kitchen

 Have all of your buddies contribute their favorite dish, or get ingredients ahead of time and make something together. This is a low-pressure opportunity to work on your cooking skills, and you might just learn a new signature dish. If you and your friends are all clueless in the kitchen, this might be the time to fix that.

If you’re truly hopelessly lost, start with something simple. Grill some meat and sauteed vegetables for quick and easy sides, or just throw something in the crockpot a few hours ahead of time. If even that seems like too much to handle, a meat and cheese board might be the first baby step on the path to domestication.

If at all possible, though, you might as well get some good use out of your modern kitchen appliances. The best Phoenix apartments will even make it easy on you with some poolside grills. While you’re throwing some meat over the fire, you can also enjoy our next guy’s night activity…


7 – Night Time Swimming

Let everyone know to bring a swimsuit and a towel, then show off the pool at your apartment complex. Your buddies will be impressed by your luxurious living situation, and you can relax in the water for a while. If you really want to make a night out of it, think about the perfect drinks and snacks to enjoy poolside. A portable speaker and some sponge balls can help keep everyone entertained during a nice long soak.


8 – Reach for the Top Shelf

 Phoenix has a lot of great bars, but a long night out can cause a serious headache the next morning when you check your bank balance. Your money goes a lot further when you stay at home, so this may be the chance to indulge in good liquor. Try to go for quality over quantity here– it’ll make the night more special and help keep your apartment clean.

Get a few kinds of liquors, and think about how you want to enjoy them. There’s nothing wrong with sipping something smooth on the rocks, but this is also an opportunity to master a cocktail or two. A sophisticated group of guys like yourselves should know at least a few drink recipes besides the rum and Coke, after all.

Phoenix Apartments for Rent

 At Heers Management, we are proud to offer several West Phoenix apartments that are ready for your next guy’s night. Our living rooms and kitchens are spacious enough to accommodate a crowd, and state-of-the-art appliances will come in handy if you decide to take the cooking upon yourselves. You’ll be able to have a great night just by staying in your living room, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

You can also feel free to take advantage of our common areas, where you’ll find amenities like grills, a pool, and a gym. You may even run into more friends while you’re hanging out around the complex. Contact us today to schedule a walkthrough and see what our Phoenix homes have to offer for your next guy’s night in.

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