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Which Floor is Best for Your Apartment: Top or Bottom?

There are tons of resources to help discerning home hunters find great Phoenix apartments– but the process doesn’t end even when you find the perfect building. You still have to decide exactly which unit is right for you to call home. Some people prefer to live on the very top floor of their building, while others like to stay closer to the ground floor.

Most floors are somewhere in between, and every floor has its own different set of benefits. Consider the pros and cons of each floor in an apartment building to decide which one is the best for you.

Bottom Floor

When you live on the lowest possible floor in your apartment, you don’t have any downstairs neighbors. That means you don’t have to be so quiet when you’re moving across the floor. If you have kids or dogs that may be playing on the floor, this might be a good option for you. Consider living on the bottom floor if you like to do workouts in your living room because this way you won’t upset anyone when something thuds against the floor.

Dog owners love living on the bottom floor, and not just because they can be less self-conscious about their noise. When you’re responsible for taking your pet outside several times a day, you’ll appreciate having a shorter trip to get outside. You’ll also be able to get out of the building faster when you’re in a hurry to get to work– no waiting around for an elevator or taking long trips down the stairs.

There are still more logistical benefits to living on the bottom floor, especially when it comes to moving in and out. If your couch doesn’t fit in an elevator, you’ll probably want to carry it up as few flights of stairs as possible. Bottom floor residents can also expect low cooling costs during the Arizona summer.

The downside to living on the first floor is that you’re closer to the street. That can mean more noise, easier access for undesired guests, and a higher likelihood that bugs or small animals could get in.

Top Floor

If you live on the top floor, you have no upstairs neighbors, which means you get plenty of peace and quiet to enjoy your fabulous view. The top floor is a favorite of light sleepers, people who work from home, or anyone else who wants to avoid noise in their apartment.

You may pay a slight premium for this privilege because your cooling costs will likely be among the highest in the building. Hot air rises in apartment buildings, so you’ll have to try a little bit harder to keep your unit cool, especially in Phoenix.

If you can deal with the long distance to the front door and get everything moved up to your unit, though, you’ll enjoy the most peaceful place in the building. The top floor is the least likely place to experience crime or pests like outside bugs.

When you have friends over to your top floor apartment, they’ll be blown away by your view of Phoenix and the surrounding area. You’ll be able to see much further than any other residents, especially if you live in a tall building. If you care a lot about what’s out your window, this might be the place for you.

Middle Floors

If the apartment building is more than a few stories tall, most of its floors fall into this category. It’s a good thing, too, because the middle floors offer a combination of benefits the top and bottom floor have.

If you want some of the benefits of living high in a building but don’t want to go all the way to the top, you may prefer to live somewhere just below the top floor. The same reasoning applies to living on the second or third floor of a building– you get to be fairly close to the bottom, but there’s at least some separation between your apartment and the street.

Middle floors aren’t quite as noisy as the bottom floor, but you don’t have to deal with as many stairs as you would if you lived up higher. It’s kind of a happy medium between your other options.

The only big downside is that you’ll be surrounded by neighbors– above, below, and on the sides of you. If you’re not especially loud or sensitive to noise, though, this really shouldn’t be a big deal.

For many people, the very best part about living on the middle floor is that your bills will be extremely consistent throughout the year. These floors aren’t as affected by temperature changes as either the top or bottom floor.

Apartments in Phoenix

Heers communities offer several different Phoenix apartments that are currently available for lease. Our beautiful properties offer enough style and amenities to make for a fulfilling living experience no matter which floor you’re on. Contact us today to take a tour of the different floors of our buildings and pick out the unit that’s best for you.

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