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7 Must-Have Apps to Help You Decorate Your First Apartment

There are tons of online resources for people who want to know more about apartments in Phoenix, and thanks to your smartphone, you can get extra help from some great apps. Use technology to your advantage, and you can make your place extraordinary after you find a pad in one of the best apartments in Phoenix.

With state-of-the-art decoration apps including some augmented reality, you can see how something will look before you have to purchase it. Use any or all of the following seven apps to unlock all of the potential in your new home.

1  Houzz

Houzz is one of the best full-service apartment decoration apps available thanks to its three-pronged approach. Use this app to do all of the following:
1. Get inspired by trendy ideas for your apartment
2. Shop for leading home products
3. Find local expertise

This process is laid out into steps to make every aspect of your project more manageable. Look through photos to hone in on your style, then bring it to life with beautiful furniture and decorations. If you need a hand at any point, Houzz will help you find professionals near Phoenix.

2  ColorSnap

One of the hardest points about planning for your apartment is deciding which colors will help you get the most out of your place. If you don’t have the time, energy, or attention span to look through sheet after sheet of color swatches, get ColorSnap.

This app puts the power of the paint section right into your pocket, so you can see which colors are best suited for your design without ever leaving the comfort of your new apartment. Sample colors from your existing furniture to find tones that will blend in as you pick the rest of your decorations. An intentional color scheme creates a cohesive mood that makes your place look like it’s straight off of Instagram.

3  Mosss

This innovative app is one of the most creative offerings on our list. It relies on the emerging power of artificial intelligence to guide your design based on your specific tastes. It will provide inspiration and recommendations that make it easier than ever to shop for new furniture.

In addition to their impressive development team, Mosss gathers work from some of the best interior designers in the business. Instead of prowling through image after image that doesn’t fit your taste, rely on this home improvement app to leverage data as you hone in on your style.

4  Hutch

This app offers a freemium plan, so you can get help at no cost or pay for an even more immersive experience. You get one free consultation from their design experts every single day and can buy more sessions if you’re in a hurry.

This app will help you pick out styles that fit your needs, and it can even account for a budget. This is one of the best apps for anyone who has a specific mood to achieve without breaking the bank or spending too much time in physical stores.

5  Flipp

Once you’ve used some of these other top apps to determine what you want, use Flipp to get everything at a discount. This app is like a mobile coupon book that sets you up with unbeatable deals for the decoration supplies you need most. When you save on basic materials, you’ll have more budget for furniture and art.

6  Design Home

Maybe decorating an apartment isn’t your idea of a good time. We get it, and so do the people over at Design Home. They make the whole process more fun by turning it into a sort of game. Rise to various challenges and get votes from the community to see how well your design is coming along. If you loved to play The Sims growing up, this is a must-have in your digital arsenal.

7  bHome

This app will help you use your style to create positive buzz. Their home and garden experts compile ideas to help you create a uniquely attractive home by sourcing items through specialty shops. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel (or apartment) when you count on the work of people who publish leading design content.

8  Brit + Co

If you’ve got enough DIY skills to repurpose a few items, Brit + Co will help take your apartment to the next level. Their app will help you create a cultivated style and even offers some hosting tips.

9  Homestyler Interior Design

Much like your actual design process, this app starts with the space itself. Take a picture of any room, then populate it with items to see how everything comes together. You’re free to get wild with your ideas because you can try as many combinations as you want before you actually purchase furniture.

Apartments in Phoenix

The first step to creating a beautiful and sophisticated apartment is finding the right unit. Contact us at Heers to set up a showing at one of our many properties, and you’ll be able to see all the opportunity in front of you.

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