Tips for Apartment Hunting during the Brutal Arizona Summer

Apartment hunting in Phoenix isn’t exactly a walk in the park, much less so when there’s summer heat added to the mix. Even if you think you know everything there is to know about how to apartment-hunt, the added summer heat can change the experience. Here are some apartment hunting tips to make your hunt a more positive, and hopefully cooler, experience.

Apartment Hunting Tips during Arizona’s Summer

The internet is your friend; use it

It is an important tool you can use to narrow down your search. Take virtual tours and research properties. By doing this, you can remove places from the list that would have been a waste of time.

Apartment hunt during cooler hours

Avoid the heat, and stress, by starting the search during cooler hours, such as early morning or late afternoon, if possible.

Make sure to have water

Staying cool and hydrated will make the experience more pleasant.

Schedule the smart way

Plan visits ahead of time, preferably during less popular times (like weekdays) to avoid crowds and, in a sense, competition. Also, plan out your routes to avoid being stuck in traffic during hotter hours.

Park in the shade

Avoid making the heat seem worse by parking somewhere with cover. You’ll be glad you did once you’re ready to head back home.

Plan to take breaks

Go out for lunch or simply take some time to relax your brain. It will make the rest of the apartment hunt more bearable.

Start the hunt with a positive mindset

Be patient, open-minded and ready to compromise. If it helps, make sure to start searching for apartments at the time of day you’re usually happiest. Aim to get a full night’s rest the night before going out apartment hunting.

Avoid the last-minute scramble and have documents ready

Nothing adds stress to a hot summer like stress. To avoid a stressful situation, make sure you pack the appropriate paperwork, such as a form of identification, copies of pay stubs, bank statements and, in some cases, tax returns.

Don’t forget to think beyond summer

It may be hard to avoid thinking about the heat, but since you’re going to be living in your new apartment through all four seasons, it’s a good idea to figure out how things are going to be the rest of the year.

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