How to Get the Most Storage Space Out of Your Kitchen

There are plenty of options when it comes to maximizing the storage space in your kitchen. No matter the size there is always something you can do to create the storage space you need. Here are some tips on how to get more storage space out of your Phoenix apartment.

Tips on how to get more storage space in your Phoenix apartment

Use your oven as storage

If you don’t bake often, your oven will most likely just be an empty space. Why not take advantage of the room and store a few baking accessories or maybe some pots and pans?

Make an unconventional spice rack

Place your spices in magnetic containers and just stick them to your range hood or refrigerator. You can also add a magnetic strip in another nearby spot and place them there.

Use a pegboard and some hooks

This is a great option if you have few shelves to work with. All you do is attach a piece of pegboard to a nearby wall, add some hooks and simply hang your pots and pans.

Add shelves to small nooks and corners

Take a close look at your kitchen. There is a good chance there are spaces for shelves – such as the area above the sink or outside of the cabinets themselves.

Add shelves to your inside of shelves or cabinets

Sometimes the things you store are small, and even when stacked leave a whole lot of room above them that can’t be utilized. When that’s the case, you should consider adding stackable shelves or under-basket shelves to the shelves or cabinets themselves.

Use the inside of your cabinet and pantry doors

You have multiple ways to use the inside of doors to maximize storage. You can add hooks, corkboard or a magnetic strip or board. That means you can store anything from measuring cups to gloves and rags using cabinet doors. You can also try these options on the outside sides of the cabinets as well.

Refrigerator magnetic racks

Create your own magnetic racks by gluing magnets on small baskets. You can place them on your refrigerator or add a magnetic strip to more suitable spot.

Tap into the un-usable drawers

You’ve seen those decorative but useless “drawers” under your sink right? Well, here’s a way to make them into a useful storage option.

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