The Top 10 Things to Consider when Moving with Kids

Whether you’re moving across the country with kids or simply down the street it can be a very draining experience. Like many things in life, you can make it easier on yourself by doing some planning in advance.

Here are some important tips to help you prepare you for moving with kids.

How to Move With Kids

  1. Plan moving dates
    • Don’t move during an important moment in a child’s life such as the beginning of the school year. Opt instead to start the apartment search towards the end of the school year and move during the summer.
  2. Explain what the move means
    • Sometimes kids will understand that fact that they’re changing homes but don’t realize they may be changing schools, daycare, etc. The move will be easier on them if they start to comprehend the changes slowly than if it hits them all at once.
  3. Point out the positives
    • A good way to ease them into the change is to let them see the good things that can come from the move.
  4. Apartment search together
    • Making them of the part of the search gives them a sense of control of the situation. It will also help them see that change can be a good thing. For example, it can mean a new and bigger room.
  5. Plan an adventure trip
    • It gives them to see the interesting parts of their new area and is also a chance for them to acclimate beforehand.
  6. Plan surprises for the kids each step of the search
    • Consider taking them to their favorite meals spot, buying a new toy, or decoration for their room every.
  7. Have a packing plan
    • Know what is getting packed, what day, what way, and how it’s going to be labeled. With kids around and so many things to pack you can’t just go about it like you did before having kids.
  8. Let the kids help you pack a few items
    • Again, make them a part of the process. It will give them a sense of control. Make sure to limit what they can pack. Let them pack things you know you’ll need to take with you and avoid letting them pack breakable and items, especially toys, that you plan on getting rid of.
  9. Get rid of old toys, clothes, etc. while they’re asleep
    • The kids won’t let go of them willingly otherwise.
  10. Have a suitcase with clothes ready for each person in the home.
    • It can take a while to unpack so be prepared in case it doesn’t go as expected.

Moving to Las Vegas or Phoenix with Kids

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