Five Tips for Choosing the Right Apartment Floor Plan

Five Tips for Choosing the Right Apartment Floor Plan

A floor plan is a big factor to consider when renting or leasing a new apartment, making it important that you know how to choose the right one for you. Here are a few tips to help you better pick out the best apartment floor plan for your next Phoenix apartment:

Know yourself and your needs

Before even looking at floor plans, make sure you know your situation. Consider what you can afford and make sure to avoid looking at plans above your desired price range to avoid any problems in the future.

Take into consideration the size of your family and how much room each member will need. Maybe you only have one child, but he needs a lot of room to play, or your significant other will be working from home from time to time and needs some office space.

Also, make sure you to take into consideration you will need room for storage – about 10 percent to 15 percent of the space is typical – and, of course, legroom.

Look at square footage and foot traffic

The size of the apartment, or square footage, is crucial when looking at floor plans, but an apartment with ample square footage loses it’s appeal if it arranged in such a way that space seems smaller or difficult to walk through. Make sure that you are looking at floor plans that fit your needs in terms of both size and foot traffic.

Consider your decorating and furniture style

If you already have furniture and decorations and plan on keeping them, look for a floor plan that can accommodate them. You may not realize it, but not all decorating styles can fit all floor plans. For example, someone with many photographs and wall decor may find it difficult to adjust to an apartment with fewer walls, especially newer models that do not separate all rooms with walls.

Find a balance

You most likely will not find a floor plan that you love and meets all of your needs and desires, so don’t expect to find a perfect one. Instead, look for one that feels best despite what it’s missing.

Take tours

Don’t just look at printouts. Most Phoenix area properties allow you to set up a time to visit and walk through the different floor plans available, so take advantage of that opportunity. While many floor plans look good on paper, they may not feel as good in person.

Heers Management

Heer Management has apartments available for rent with different floor plans in Phoenix and Las Vegas. For more information on the floor plans available, visit one of our properties or contact us today!