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8 Things to Consider When Choosing Between Apartments

There comes a time during the apartment hunt when you have an idea of what you want in a unit, and you may even be down to a couple of choices. Seems like the easy part, but that may not be the case. When it comes time to compare your apartment options in Phoenix, it can get pretty easy to forget your priorities and let yourself be guided by the glitz each has to offer.

Top Things to Compare When Choosing Apartments for rent in Phoenix

The Lease Terms

Make sure that the lease is as flexible or strict as you need it to be. No apartment in Phoenix is worth it if the lease forces you to adhere to uncomfortable regulations.The clearer the terms of the lease, the better. You want to know exactly what you’re agreeing to. Make sure things like subleasing and termination fees are addressed and be wary if they are not.

Your Finances

The best apartment for you is the one that is also best for your bank account. Look for one that doesn’t stress your wallet, and that can save you money through amenities or special offers.

The Landlord/Management Company

Make sure to think about how the landlord treated you and answered your questions. If you weren’t treated well during your tour, it’s very likely you won’t be treated any better if you choose to live there. While it may seem superficial, how management treats you is important because when it comes to repairs and emergencies, you need them to be responsive to your needs. Choose to live in an apartment where management is responsive to tenants requests in a timely manner.

The Apartment Location

A beautiful apartment won’t do you much good if it’s located in an unsafe or traffic-congested area. We all know these places in the Phoenix Valley. Both of those things are considered high-stress factors and can make any living situation uncomfortable when you dread the drive back home.

Choose the apartment in an area you’re comfortable safety-wise. Research crime statistics in the Valley and see how involved security and the police are on the property.

Look for an apartment that isn’t in an area known to experience a high volume of traffic. If that’s unavoidable, consider looking into what alternatives there are, such as public transportation or alternative routes.


Ask about damages and repairs, specifically how they are handled. If submitting repair requests is too tedious or repairs typically take a long time, then it may not be the best place to live.

If the response is vague, that is also a red flag. It probably means repairs aren’t handled as efficiently as they should be.


The extras shouldn’t be a major reason to choose an apartment, but they should be added into the equation. The amenities, such as covered utilities and laundry access, can significantly affect your costs.

For example, consider how much you save in gas and time by having a laundry area on the premises or in the apartment itself. If the laundry area is in the apartment and you pay for electricity and water, then you have to consider the cost of running the washer and dryer.

The perfect apartment offers just the right amount of extras without costing you too much.


They may not live in your apartment, but your neighbors will be around you and affect parts of your life. If you need a certain amount of quiet make sure to see if that’s feasible in each of the apartment locations you’re comparing.


If it comes down to it and you can’t decide between apartments because they are that great, consider eliminating them on the nitty-gritty details. Look to see that all faucets and toilets work properly. Make sure none of the doors creak, and that their doorknobs lock.

  • Note where the outlets are, if they work, and if they are in appropriate locations for where you want to set your electronics.
  • You don’t want to move in somewhere where you’re going to have problems, even the small kind, so go for the place that presents the fewest.

At the end of the day, this is your decision to make, so feel free to prioritize these factors as you wish. If that doesn’t help as much as you need it to, consider using the information to make a pros-and-cons list or looking at more apartments.

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