High-Tech Gadgets for your Home

If you’ve begun your journey towards finding a new apartment in Phoenix, you may have already seen some of the interesting new technologies around town. While the home tech industry is booming, not every gizmo will come with your potential rental unit. That’s why many retailers are selling affordable, high-tech gadgets that can help you get the most out of your apartment.

Keep reading to learn more about all of the great gadgets that could help you enjoy your time at home even more.

Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a voice-activated, wireless speaker at its core. From listening to music through streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, to getting news updates from NPR, you can get quality sound from a very small package.

This product is more than just a dock or speaker-type system designed to be user-friendly though. With Amazon Echo, you can place orders directly through Amazon, as well as control certain lighting systems, home thermostats and more.

You’ll need to make sure peripheral products are compatible, but the Amazon Echo is a high-tech gadget that any media or Amazon junkie won’t want to be without.

Spin Remote

The Spin Remote is a device controller that’s designed to work with everything from lights, to televisions to sound systems. This small remote – which can pretty much fit in the palm of your hand – can work with Bluetooth, infrared technology and Wi-Fi. Best of all, it can be upgraded in the future to work with technology that hasn’t been released yet.

Users that want to go deeper into the parameters of Spin Remote can even set the device to turn on multiple items with a pre-set. That’s perfect for regularly used lights or audiovisual components that work in unison.

Muji Air Purifier

Most air purifiers for home use have a tendency to look bulky and more like something out of Star Trek than you want mixed in with your home’s well-chosen décor. The Muji Air Purifier definitely isn’t one of those air purifiers.

Designed to be sleek, simple and clean from a visual standpoint, the Muji Air Purifier is also a workhorse with which few other brands on the market can compete. Able to pick up even the tiniest particles that traditional air purifiers miss, it’s one of the rare purifiers out there that can handle everything from pet hair, to cigarette smoke to outdoor particulates and dust.

The Muji Air Purifier even has a smart operation mode that allows it to work without human interference.

Heers Management

You can contact Heers Management Company to learn more about all of the high-tech gadgets that can make Phoenix apartments friendlier for renters. We can also help you find the apartment of your dreams, whether you’re looking for one bedroom or an expansive penthouse on the top floor.

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