Tips for Keeping a Clean Apartment with Little Effort

Tips for Keeping a Clean Apartment with Little Effort

With our busy lives these days, who has the time to clean? Keeping a house tidy used to be a full-time job for the spouse who stayed at home, but no one has time for that these days. Luckily, you can keep your apartment in good shape with a minimal time commitment. Here are a few tricks and tips to help you achieve the maximum clean with the minimum effort.

  • Discover the magic of white vinegar. White vinegar speeds up your cleaning process by eliminating the need for elbow grease. Spritz it on and let it soak, when you come back, the grime will wipe off easily. A little white vinegar in the toilet overnight will help dissolve water lines and leave the toilet bowl sparkling. A baggie of white vinegar tied to the faucet will loosen the unsightly hard water buildup there as well.

  • Contain your clutter. Clutter will always make your place feel dirty, so by eliminating the clutter, you can keep your apartment feeling cleaner, longer. To achieve this miracle, keep attractive baskets or bins in every room for the sole purpose of containing clutter. Once a week, go through the baskets and put everything away in its place, or make a place if something doesn't have one.

  • Put things away. A huge part of a clean home is cleaning up after yourself as you go along. Make your bed when you get up in the morning, put clothes straight into the laundry basket when you're done wearing them, and put your dishes straight into the dishwasher when you're done eating. Basically, just put things away as soon as you're done with them.

  • Clean a little bit every day. Instead of saving all your cleaning for one dreaded day, take a few minutes here and there to clean, every day. Clean up the kitchen after every meal, or at least every evening. Rinse out the sink when you're done using it. Wipe down the counters while you're there. Incorporating small cleaning tasks like these into your everyday routines will keep your place clean for longer with considerably less work.

  • Make purging a way of life. How much of that clutter in your apartment do you think you really need? Instead of cleaning around it, keep a donation basket in every room where you can put things you no longer want. When the baskets are full, it's time to make a run to Goodwill. Purging clothes and other clutter on a regular basis will give you less to clean or store, and in the long run, will help you to keep your home clean for longer.

Cleaning your apartment doesn't have to require a huge time commitment each week. These tips are perfect for keeping Phoenix apartments presentable for that next dinner party. They’ll never know you clean for just a few minutes a day!