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The Best Times to Apartment Hunt

Looking for Phoenix apartments can seem like a treacherous process. Whether you’re renting your very first apartment, or just looking to downsize, the hunt is pretty much the same, albeit with different desires and parameters.

When you’re getting ready to look for an apartment though, it’s important to realize that there are some times that are better than others. While you may not be able to control your move date in all cases, knowing the best times to look for Phoenix apartments can help.

Use this guide to learn more about when you should apartment hunt and which seasons are best avoided, if possible.

Do You Want Plenty of Options?

The summer months are the most popular time for moves. College students and out-of-towners make up a large portion of this demographic. Whether they’re moving in from out-of-state or moving on from dorm life, it’s a busy time of year, even when the temperatures are in the triple digits.

This means that people looking for apartments will get to see the most vacancies and learn more about what’s available in a particular area between May and September. You may face more competition in these months and fewer exceptional deals will be available since it’s a popular time to move.

Still, if you want to look at as many apartments as possible, summer is generally the best time to do it.

Need to Save Money?

Unlike the summer season when many people are moving, the winter months aren’t particularly ideal for property managers. That’s why bargain shoppers are more likely to find a value in the winter months.

It only makes sense that landlords would lower prices to fill vacancies when there aren’t as many people on the hunt. If you really need to save money and find an apartment that works for you, getting your search into full swing between October and January may be beneficial.

Just know that properties will likely be limited, since landlords will try to fill up in the spring and summer months.

What Time of Month?

When you’re searching for an apartment, you’ll want to truly begin your hunt on the last week or two of the month. This also coincides with the time that most tenants will be giving a 30-day notice to their landlord for the following month.

For example, a tenant will likely provide a 30-day notice for December when they pay their rent at the end of November. If you start looking on the last week of November, you could be the first to see a rental unit that will become available on January 1st.

That means you’ll be more likely to see an apartment and sign a lease before you encounter stiff competition in the middle of the month.

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