Quick Tips for Reducing Your Phoenix Apartment Energy Costs

Quick Tips for Reducing Your Phoenix Apartment Energy Costs

While some Phoenicians may equate energy-saving tips with depriving themselves, it simply isn’t true. There are plenty of ways to save without feeling like it's a major sacrifice. Here are some easy but cost-effective tips to save energy in your Phoenix apartment.

Easy but Cost-Effective Tips for Phoenicians to Save Energy

1) Get an energy audit

First things first, make sure to know what is driving up your energy consumption. No tip will help if it does not address your main problem areas. Once you know what is driving up your energy costs, you know which measures will truly be worth the investment.

2) Take care of air and water leaks

Leaks can be small but can accumulate in terms of energy costs, especially during the scorching Phoenix summers. Make sure that your vents, windows and doors are properly sealed and maintained. Also, make sure any faucet leaks are fixed because dripping hot water also means electricity costs.

3) Use your curtains wisely

Let the sunlight and warmth in or prevent it from entering by simply opening and closing the curtains at the right time. Invest in blackout or insulating curtains for extra protection.

4) Set your central air fan to ‘on’ instead of auto

Doing so keeps the air circulating consistently and creates an even temperature. It also reduces humidity.

5) Use the sun to your advantage

Even though the sun is a big reason your energy needs are high in the summer, it can also be used to control your energy usage throughout the year. Consider investing in solar-powered chargers for things such as your laptop, tablet or phone. Though these devices use a lot less electricity compared to other things in your home, the constant charging can add up.

Also, use the sun to light your room when possible.

6) Add reflective film to your windows

By adding reflective film, you decrease the amount of heat entering your home during the summer time while maintaining a steady stream of natural light. The film also reduces fading in your furniture and carpet.

7) Paint and decorate using pale colors

By using softer colors, you can increase the amount of light that is reflected in a room and reduce the amount of artificial light you need. Consider using high-gloss paint to increase the amount of light reflected.

Another option for those ready to make a significant change is to downsize. In doing so you no longer have to worry about how to save on energy costs as much.

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