How Far is Scottsdale from Phoenix?

How Far is Scottsdale from Phoenix?

The Phoenix Metro area is made up of several amazing cities that are recognized nationwide. One of the most popular of those cities is Scottsdale, known for its lavish resorts, picturesque golf courses, energetic nightlife, high-end shopping, and amazing restaurants.

At Heers Management, we offer several helpful resources for traveling in and around Phoenix. With various freeway options in Metro Phoenix, there are many ways to get from Phoenix to Scottsdale.

How far is Phoenix from Scottsdale?

Although Phoenix and Scottsdale share a border that's more than 10 miles long, their downtowns are about 12 miles apart – a drive of 20-30 minutes. Most of our properties are located further west; from one of those it will more likely take 30-45 minutes.

What is the best route to take?

Because most of our properties are in west Phoenix between Indian School and Thomas, like The Cove Apartments, you will find that you are nestled between the I-10, the Loop 101, the I-17 and the Phoenix-Wickenburg Highway (U.S. 60). Any of these freeways will connect you to another freeway that will get you to Scottsdale.

The quickest route according to Google Maps is getting onto the I-10 East, exiting onto the Loop 202 East, and then taking exit 3 onto McDowell Road. You can follow this road to Scottsdale Road, which you can drive northward through the entire city.

What are the worst and best freeways in the Valley?

As mentioned, you have several options when it comes to freeways in the area. Depending on time of day, the following list compiled by AZTech identifies the slowest and fastest freeways in the Valley. 

Slowest Freeways

1. I-10 East

2. I-10 West

3. Loop 101 North

4. Loop 202 East (from Phoenix)

Fastest Freeways

1. State Route 51 South

2. US 60 West

3. I-17 South

4. Loop 101 (from Glendale/Peoria through North Phoenix to Scottsdale)

Alternatives from Sky Harbor International Airport to Scottsdale

You have several options, but these are the two we recommend:

  • Sky Harbor Shuttle: You can reserve a Super Shuttle that takes visitors around town. Click here to view upfront pricing and reservation information.
  • Uber:  With rides to Scottsdale starting at $14, this is a quick and easy option. Click here to review Uber pick-up areas by terminals.

At Heers Management, we are dedicated to providing the resources necessary to live a comfortable, fun-filled life in the Phoenix Metro area. Feel free to contact us at any time with questions you have about the area.