8 Local Grocery Stores in West Phoenix

No matter what town you live in, it is natural to become familiar with the local shops, restaurants, hangouts, and bars. But more importantly, you must designate your go-to grocery stores–the ones you can count on to have exactly what you need at prices you can afford. Phoenix offers many large chains, such as Safeway or Fry’s, but it is also home to several smaller, niche grocery stores that are unique to West Phoenix.

Take a look at our 8 picks for excellent grocery stores in Phoenix.

Avondale Costco Warehouse

This Costco location, which is near our newest Heers Community property, is a great place to shop for groceries and home necessities in bulk. You must pay an annual or monthly membership to shop here, but you can save big on produce, quality meats, pharmaceuticals (including pet medication), family snacks, drinks, and more. Costco is also known for having the best freshly baked bread and rotisserie chicken! Learn more about the services offered at this location and how to sign up for membership.

El Super

This is a modern and unique grocery chain that has locations all over the southwest. It is all about traditional Latin foods and flavors. You can find a ton of great fresh foods and produce at really affordable prices, especially when compared to other big grocery chains. The store is clean and organized, and the staff is super friendly. Make sure to check out their store ads to get a preview at their unbeatable prices.

Food City

Not only is this an excellent grocery store for everyday ingredients and produce, but it also specializes in Mexican cuisine items, snacks, desserts, drinks, and more. If you happen to visit at the right time, they will be roasting delicious seasoned chicken or ribs out front that you can purchase with corn tortillas, salsa, beans, and rice. You can visit their website for weekly specials, Latin recipes, and upcoming events, such as their annual Tamale Festival.

Fry’s Food and Drug

This a favorite for many communities in Phoenix because it is a reliable, organized, and friendly grocery store that offers great deals on everyday products, including organic whole foods and all-natural ingredients. The location on McDowell Road includes a gas station, tortillaria, cheese counter, pharmacy, restaurant, and salsa bar. All Fry’s locations offer fuel points for purchases that can be used for discounted gas prices. You can even create a ClickListonline to make your shopping experience more convenient.

Lam’s Oriental & Seafood Market

Known as the first Asian grocery store in Arizona, Lam’s Market has been serving West Phoenix communities for over twenty-five years. If your goal is to construct a flavorful Asian dish, you must explore this market to find specialty meats and produce that are key ingredients in Asian cuisine. You can also find international foods and ingredients representative of flavors from China, East Asia, India, Jamaica, and Africa, just to name a few. Visit them online to get coupons and great deals.

Los Altos Ranch Market

With a few locations around the valley, this Mexican market represents the festive and lively atmosphere that is synonymous with the culture. Come here to find the perfect carne asada meat, freshly baked Mexican and Central American sweet bread, and fresh produce. They offer over fifty varieties of tortillas, chips, and masas, and their Cremeria is home to the most expansive selection of fresh creams, cheeses, and sliced meats. You must also take advantage of their famed “Taqueria” serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Find a location nearest you.


With a big chain like Safeway, you are guaranteed tons of perks and incentives, great deals, membership offerings, and convenience. They now offer delivery and pickup services, which are vital to the fast-paced, jam-packed lives we all lead. Simply order online and stop by to pick up or have them delivered straight to your home. They also offer a Pharmacy department, and Nutritional services for folks looking to improve their eating habits and overall lifestyle. Find a location near you for hours, deals, and more.

Sam’s Club

Just like Costco, this is a membership-only warehouse chain that offers a wide variety of bulk grocery items, furniture, outdoor accessories, electronics & home goods. It is a great place to shop if you have a family of big-time snackers or a big dog who is constantly needing his food bin refilled. Save money with bulk purchases, and take advantage of their yummy pizza, hot dogs, snacks, and drinks while you explore the massive warehouse. Check out their website for more information about memberships.

We’d love to hear from you! If you have more suggestions for our grocery store list, please contact us with your local favorites. We’d love to share your great ideas on our resources page, which offers tons of great insider tips for living in the West Phoenix area.

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