10 of the Most Popular Vegan Restaurants in Phoenix

In recent years, Phoenix has blossomed into one of the most exciting new foodie scenes in the country. With the incredible growth of innovative eateries in the Valley, residents have seen their list of dining choices increase at an exciting rate. Local restaurants are offering a variety of cuisines, and there is truly something for everyone.
Among these restaurants is an ever-growing collection of vegan restaurants offering delicious menus for those diners who choose to abstain from animal products. As Phoenix has learned, just because you eliminate animal products does not mean you need to miss out on incredible flavors and a variety of mouth-watering dishes.
Here are 10 of the top vegan restaurants in Phoenix with menus that will make any vegan smile.


Located just north of the intersection of Seventh Street and McDowell in Central Phoenix, Nami is one of the top vegan restaurants for breakfast, brunch, and dessert. Famous for their “tSoynami” dessert made with vegan soft serve and a variety of mix-ins, Nami is also the place to go for delicious meatless breakfast options like the Big Ole’ Breakfast Burrito.

Desert Roots Kitchen

A short drive from West Phoenix is the Tempe vegan gem Desert Roots Kitchen. This restaurant features a daily-changing menu filled with delicious vegan dishes and is a favorite for classic vegan breakfast and lunch, as well as an assortment of sweet treats.

Loving Hut

Founded by a team inspired by famed author/entrepreneur Ching Hai, Loving Hut has locations in Phoenix and Glendale. Part of one of the largest chains of vegan restaurants in America, the restaurant has a 100 percent vegan menu with Asian-inspired dishes. Patron favorites include the BBQ Noodles and the Pan-Fried Dumplings.

Green New American Vegetarian

Located on Seventh Street, Green New American Vegetarian is headed by vegan chef Damon Brasch. His dream was to provide delicious dishes for vegans and non-vegans alike, and he certainly achieves that with menu items like Vegan Buffalo Wings and a signature Chicago Cheesesteak made with grilled seitan steak.

Vegan House

Among the more popular vegan restaurants in the Valley, Vegan House offers a vegan take on Asian food with dishes like Orange Soy Chicken and an indulgent Deep-Fried Tofu served with a flavorful peanut sauce.

Pita Jungle

Pita Jungle is a local chain with locations across the Phoenix metro area and offers a variety of Mediterranean-inspired vegan options. The Lentil Fatoosh Salad with simmered lentils, pita chips, caramelized onions and fluffy brown rice with a romaine salad base is a menu highlight.

Café Lalibela

If you want to enjoy food with some global flair, try the Ethiopian cuisine at Café Lalibela. With an entire menu section devoted to vegan dishes, Café Lalibela offers a worldly spin on vegan food. Try the Misir Wat, spicy red lentils with onion, Ethiopian chile sauce and herbs, or the Tikil Gomen, a traditional cabbage and potato dish flavored with turmeric.

Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

A favorite among all Valley residents, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria offers vegans an option that will fill that pizza craving. The national chain has several Valley locations easily accessible from West Phoenix. With a special pizza dough that is free of animal products, Grimaldi’s can customize a pizza that is perfect for vegan diners. Opt out of the cheese and load up on delicious veggies for a truly flavorful slice.

Short Leash Hot Dogs

Sometimes, you just want a classic American hot dog, something that takes you back to your childhood – but you don’t want to eat the mystery meat products that usually make up the frank. This is where Short Leash Hot Dogs comes in with a vegan-friendly hot dog option that has all the flavors you love. Catch them at one of their Phoenix locations or snag a meal from their food truck.

Treehouse Vegan Bakery

Just because you’ve embraced a vegan lifestyle does not mean you have to miss out on the sweeter side of life, and nobody knows that better than Treehouse Vegan Bakery. Order an incredible cake or cupcakes for a special occasion or stop by every other Saturday for decadent vegan cinnamon rolls. Treehouse Vegan Bakery also offers homemade vegan “Pop-Tarts,” pies and delicious brownies.
With its incredible growth in exciting new dining options, Phoenix has become a home base for foodies, drawing new residents from across the country with the promise of a fun, dynamic lifestyle. The Valley has a long list of top-rated vegan restaurants that is growing longer, so vegans will never be without a great place to eat. Combined with fun things to do, West Phoenix truly is an incredible place to call home.
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