Should You Live Alone, or with a Roommate?

To live alone, or to live with roommates? It is a question most people ask themselves at some point. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, and what may work for one person might not work for another.

Whether you are looking to rent one of the many one-bedroom apartments in Phoenix or one of the fantastic two-bedroom apartment homes in Phoenix, it is a decision you will want to nail down before you sign a lease.

Life With a Roommate

There are plenty of benefits to living with a roommate. These include the fact that you will save money, you won’t be lonely and you will have someone to share the housework and chores with. Because roommates share expenses for housing and utilities, it also means that most people can afford a larger, nicer property.

If you are not already friends when you move in together, there is a good chance you could become best friends and build a friendship that could last a lifetime. If you know how to find a roommate, you can find one that fits your life and lifestyle like a leather glove.

Living with a roommate is also an opportunity to expand your horizons. You might discover that you enjoy the same activities, or your roommate might expose you to new activities that you never thought you would enjoy. Having a roommate is also an opportunity to meet new people and expand your circle of friends.

Most importantly, living with a roommate is an opportunity to hone your communication skills because there will be constant negotiations over everything from sharing the TV to daily chores such as taking the trash out or vacuuming the floors. Learning how to communicate and negotiate these needs is a skill that can carry over into your career as you establish yourself in your field.

Life Without a Roommate

Life without a roommate in a studio apartment for rent in Phoenix or a one-bedroom apartment in Phoenix is also fun. You have all the privacy you desire when you live alone, and you don’t have to share the bathroom, television or anything that is in the fridge. It’s all yours.

There is a strong appeal to many aspects of living alone. If you have a busy schedule and a career where you need to focus on work much of the time, then living alone can provide the solitude you need to rest and recharge.

Living alone means you are the undisputed master of the ship. Paying the bills, taking care of the cleaning and maintaining the apartment are chores that are your sole responsibility. Of course, being the captain of the ship also means you have to be the deckhand and do all the dirty work yourself.

If you are “the responsible one” in your family and like to be in charge, then living without a roommate is the right option to choose.

Down to Brass Tacks

How is your bottom line? One of the biggest reasons people choose to live with a roommate is financial concerns. Indeed, moving out on your own is an enormous financial responsibility and it means dedicating a significant portion of your income to rent and utilities.

In Arizona and Nevada, it is advisable that you only consider properties where rent and utilities combined don’t exceed 40 percent of your net income. This is something you need to do whether you choose to live with a roommate or choose to live alone.

Keeping your rent to income ratio down ensures that you can always pay your rent on time and that you won’t get a nastygram from the utility company if the payment is late.

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We will be happy to answer your questions and help you decide which property is best for your budget and your lifestyle.

Should You Live Alone, or With a Roommate_

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