Phoenix Pet-friendly Guide

Life is different when you have pets.

Whether you live with a dog, cat or another type of furry friend, you want to take as best care of it as possible and spend as much time with it. Unfortunately, many places don’t allow pets, especially in metro areas, making it harder to do either of those things.

Luckily, that’s not the case in every urban area. Phoenix is a great place to live if you have pets because there are plenty of apartments your pets are welcome to tag along with you. That means you get to spend more time with your pets and less time worrying about them being alone or getting into trouble when they’re unsupervised. It also means less you have to spend on pet-sitting services. 

Also, your furry – or not so furry – companions deserve to get out and explore the city just as much as you do.

Here is a list of pet-friendly places you should check out in Phoenix. Don’t forget to take your pet too!


Phoenix Pet-Friendly Guide - Pet-Friendly Businesses - Heers

Pet-friendly Businesses


Phoenix has an array of pet-friendly businesses that allow you to stop by with your pet. Here are a few businesses that allow you to have your pet on premises. Remember that each business has its own set of rules regarding pets and may require that dogs or other animals be leashed.

Half Price Books, Records, Magazines

Some days are just perfect for going out and about and maybe buying some new books. If on your leisurely day with your pet you feel like shopping for a new book, you should stop by this bookstore where you’ll not only get to enjoy reading the material but also do it with the company of your dog.


Practical Art

Want to enjoy some art but don’t want to leave your pet behind all alone? Visit Practical Art, where you’ll find all sorts of art while accompanied by your favorite pet-friend. Just make sure to keep your pet with you at all times.


Paradise Valley Mall

If you plan to spend the day out shopping, consider Paradise Valley Mall, where you can find everything you need in one spot and bring your pet along. After all, leaving a pet alone for so long is not good for its health and may lead to a few torn pillows.

Other businesses that allow you to enter with your pet are:
  • Urban Outfitters
  • PetCo Pet Stores
  • Biltmore Fashion Park
  • Outlets at Anthem
  • Brass Armadillo Antique Market
  • Downtown Phoenix Public Market
  • Roadrunner Park Farmers Market
  • Dutchman’s Tire Warehouse #1


Phoenix Pet-Friendly Guide - Pet-Friendly Restaurants - Heers



There are more than 150 pet-friendly restaurants in Phoenix, many of which are specifically dog-friendly restaurants. Just make sure to ask if pets are only allowed in certain areas; some restaurants prefer animals stay in outdoor areas. Also, ask about the rules concerning leashes as many restaurants prefer if your pet is leashed.

Postino Arcadia

Need to relax with some wine and the company of your pet? Postino is the perfect place to do just that. There’s an ample selection of wine and food and your pet is allowed to accompany you on the patio.


Daisy Mountain Coffee Roasters

If you need a cup of coffee and you want it as fresh as possible, this is your place. The coffee is roasted on-site and has a great patio for you and your pet to enjoy.

OHSO Brewery Paradise Valley

This place, which also has other locations, is paradise for both human and pet alike. There’s a great selection of beer, wine, whiskey and food, and there are dog treats as well.


Other pet-friendly businesses include:
  • 32 Shea
  • FEZ
  • Breadcrafters Bakery & Cafe
  • The Farm at South Mountain
  • Keegan’s
  • Cibo Urban Pizzeria Cafe Scramble
  • Thirteen North Grille
  • The Gladly
  • Bluewater Grill Seafood Restaurant
  • George & Dragon English Pub
  • Richardson’s Cuisine of New Mexico
  • Timo Wood Oven Wine Bar
  • Ticoz Latin Kitchen


Phoenix Pet-Friendly Guide - Pet-Friendly Businesses - Heers

Outdoor trails


Phoenix is home to an abundant number of outdoor trails perfect for the adventurous pets and pet owners, but there are rules in place for the animals’ safety. Dogs are not allowed to enter any Phoenix hiking trail on days when the temperature is 100 degrees or higher.
Dogs are also required to stay leashed at all times while they are on the trails.

Waterfall Canyon Trail in White Tank Mountain Regional Park

This dog-friendly park is excellent for pup and human alike. There are nearly two miles to hike, all full of rocks and all other sorts of nature. There’s also a nice shallow pool that both you and your pup will surely enjoy after a hot day out on the trails.


Go John Trail in Cave Creek Regional Park

If you’re a runner looking for a challenge, the Go John Trail is perfect for you. It features a great incline that’ll challenge your legs and your dog's legs, too. Plus, it also has some great scenery for both of you to enjoy along the way. There are plenty of blooming wildflowers and saguaro cactuses to admire.


Lost Dog Wash Trail in McDowell Sonoran Preserve

The name may make it seem like it’s a bad idea to take your dog but it isn’t as long as your dog is leashed and you both stay on the path. The trail is suited for all skill levels and pets, and it offers great desert wash scenery.


Hidden Valley via Mormon Trail in South Mountain Park/Preserve

This is a great place to visit if you’re up for some outdoor adventure with your pet and don’t (or can’t) leave the city. It’s also home to Fat Man’s Pass, a narrow passageway between two large boulders that many hikers and pets alike enjoy squeezing through.


Lookout Mountain Trail

If you’re looking for a great view, this is the trail you want to visit. Once you reach the top, there’s plenty of desert beauty to admire.  The best part is that the summit trail is a short one-mile hike.



Phoenix Pet-Friendly Guide - Pet-Friendly Campgrounds - Heers



Arizona has a lot of natural wonders and many campgrounds that allow you to see that beauty up close. Here are a few campgrounds located near Phoenix that allow pets.
  • Covered Wagon RV Park
  • Royal Palm RV Resort
  • Apache Palms RV Park
  • Tempe Travel Trailer Villa
  • Foothills West RV Resort



Phoenix celebrates many cultures. Multiple festivals, fun walks and all sorts of events are hosted throughout the year, especially for furry friends so make sure to celebrate yours and take them out to their party.

Strut Your Mutt-Phoenix

Not only does this even encourage you to bring your pet, it also raises funds for other pets. The money raised during this event helps save the lives of homeless pets throughout the city. The best part is it’s also fun!


Annual Doggie Street Festival

This annual festival specifically caters to your furry friend. Here you’ll find everything to make him or her feel like royalty. Everything from foods, services and health supplements to fashion, travel, and lodging is available in one convenient and festive spot. Music, treats and auction prizes are also available for human friends.


Going to the Dogs Howl-O-Ween 5K/1M Fun Run/Walk

For the athletic pet and owner, there is a very festive fun run/walk. Bring your pet along to a 5K walk and enjoy the Halloween festivities. Everyone, including the dogs, is encouraged to dress in their best Halloween attire. The proceeds from this event go to help other pets at Adopt A Greyhound.


AAWL presents Beers, Brats, Best Friends Oktoberfest O.H.S.O.

Oktoberfests are always great, but this one is especially fun because you’re allowed to bring your four-legged friend. The proceeds from this event go on to help other animals at the largest and oldest no-kill shelter in the state.


Dogs Parks


Dogs need their fair share of outdoor time but unfortunately, not all parks or outdoor areas allow dogs. Some require dogs to be leashed or do not allow them to roam as freely as they want.
Luckily, there are multiple dog parks all throughout the city that allow for dogs to roam freely and of course, this creates a great environment for your pet to play with other fellow canines. Here is a list of a few such dog parks located in the Phoenix area.
  • Cosmo Dog Park
  • Steele Indian School Park Dog Park
  • Papago Park
  • Chaparral Off-Leash Area
  • Paseo Vista Dog Park


Phoenix Pet-Friendly Guide - Pet-Friendly Attractions - Heers



Phoenix is home to quite a few attractions, and a fair number of them allow you to bring your pet with you when you visit. If you feel the need to enjoy some history or a natural area but don’t want to leave your pet friend at home, consider visiting one of these places.

Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area

Rio Salado is a great place to visit if you want to see Arizona’s unique natural wetland beauty. To protect the wildlife at the habitat, dogs are required to remain on a leash at all times.


Martin Auto Museum

If you’re an auto aficionado, the Martin Auto Museum is a place you have to visit. This museum is dedicated to preserving a variety of collectible cars and educating the public about them. Stop by with your pet to take a look at the evolution of the automobile industry.


Other pet-friendly attractions in Phoenix include:
  • Antique gatherings
  • Tres Rios Wetlands
  • Pioneer Living History Village


Phoenix Pet-Friendly Guide - Pet-Friendly Services - Heers

Other Services


Pets need all types of services to have happy and healthy lives – from places to relax made especially for animals to special food services for the pets that have strict diets. Here are a few Phoenix favorite service providers.

Just Around the Corner Pet Sitting & Home Service

If for whatever reason your pet can’t accompany you, consider hiring a pet sitter or someone to check up on your dog every so often.


Kodi’s Natural Pet Foods

Certain breeds and animals with health condition require a different type of food, preferably one with fewer preservatives and added chemicals. Luckily, Phoenix is home to Kodi’s, which can provide your pet with a variety of food that is all-natural and much better than the typical store-bought food.


Lose the Leash Dog Training

If part of the reason your dog can’t go exploring Phoenix with your is lack of proper training, consider joining a training program like Lose the Leash where your dog will how to behave appropriately both indoors and outdoors.


Barry Hart Photography

A pet is an essential part of the family and deserves to be treated as such so why not include him/her in the family photos? Many photographers focus on working only with people but that is not the case with Barry Hart. You have the option of including your pet in a photo session or making it all about your furry friend.


JGM Pet Doors

Do you need a door that allows your dog or other pets to access the patio? Reach out to JGM Pet Doors. A pet door is perfect for animals that are left at home for long lengths at a time but need outdoor access.


Other pet services in the Phoenix area are:
  • Mist Air
  • Grooming by Lisa
  • Doggy Smyle

Pet-Friendly Apartments in Phoenix


Heers Management welcomes you and your pet to its pet-friendly properties throughout the city of Phoenix. There are currently multiple pet-friendly apartments for rent. For more information on available apartments, contact us today and one of our associates will gladly answer any questions you may have as well as take you – and your pet – with a tour.