Outdoor Activities Near Avalon Apartment Homes

Outdoor enthusiasts looking for activities will be pleased to learn about all the resources this area has to offer. Our community has access to all kinds of adventures including horseback riding, hot air balloon rides, golf, hiking, and more. Read on to learn about some of the best outdoor activities in Avondale.

Avondale Phoenix Things to Do Outside

  1. Estrella Mountain Regional Park – This park offers a variety of trails for hikers of all experience levels. You’ll be able to spot some wildlife and wildflowers as you explore this beautiful park. Different trails are well suited for all kinds of activities depending on exactly what you’re looking for. You can walk your dog, go trail running, or just enjoy a nice hike. There are kid-friendly areas for nature trips to learn about the native birds in our area. You can even participate in activities like horseback riding and mountain biking as you take in the impressive views.
  2. Festival Fields Park – This is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. This green oasis provides an excellent change of pace from some of the surrounding desert-scapes. Fly a kite or a drone for some as you enjoy the fresh air, or participate in organized sports. The park has fields for soccer, baseball, and softball, and there is even a nice seating area for spectators. This is a good location for your next pickup football game or bike ride. Food is available at times, and there are public restrooms.
  3. Parque de Paz – This neighborhood hangout is especially great for families with young children. There is a playground and jungle gym including fun things to climb and some swings. It’s dog-friendly, and there are benches where you can relax and watch your children have fun. It’s a refreshing dose of the outdoors nestled into the surrounding neighborhoods.
  4. Rusty Wallace Racing Experience – If you have a need for speed, this is the place for you. Take some laps around this race track to get a feel for what racecar drivers experience. You’ll get a great jolt of adrenaline and some memories that will last a lifetime. Drivers receive thorough safety training before they hit the track, so you can rest assured that the experience will be safe and fun for everyone involved. You also receive coaching and guidance through your radio as you cruise laps in a real Nascar vehicle. The crew is extremely helpful and will keep you on track throughout your drive. You can even find occasional promo codes on their website.
  5. Equinox Hot Air Balloon Rides – This is an unbeatable way to see the beautiful landscape around Phoenix. The experience can be both educational and romantic, and everyone involved is sure to be filled with awe after witnessing the natural beauty. If you’re adventurous and want an unforgettable experience, learn more on their website. You’ll get to experience the scenery in a perfectly safe way with your small group.
  6. Scenic Arizona Day Tours – There’s so much to see in Arizona, you might just want to try all of these different tours. This is an affordable way to make sure you get a completely immersive experience, and many of the tours are completely or partially customizable. You’ll be able to cross some things off your bucket list in spectacular fashion when you try any of these tours. Try a trip to the Grand Canyon to see one of the most spectacular natural phenomena on Earth. An Apache Trail day trip includes stunning views of the Superstition Mountains and Canyon Lake. A day trip to Sedona includes gorgeous views of the red rock landscape as well as Bell Rock, Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, and Chapel of the Holy Cross. Finally, you can take a Phoenix City Tour to see some of the most impressive and culturally relevant sites within the metro area.
  7. Corral West Horse Adventures – Hit the trails to take in more of the beautiful Arizona landscape, and this time you can do so on horseback. The horses are beautiful, friendly, and well cared for, and you could say the same about the staff! This is perfect for a romantic couples outing and is suitable for children as well. Learn more on their website.
  8. Golf – Who could forget about the legendary golf courses in Arizona? Options include Coldwater Golf ClubGolf Club of EstrellaPalm Valley Golf ClubWigwam Arizona Resort, and many more!

Outdoor Activities Near the Avalon Apartment Homes

Come visit us at The Avalon Apartment Homes then try some of these things to do outside in Avondale. You’ll fall in love with our accommodations during your tour, and you’ll fall in love with the surrounding area when you’re taking part in these outdoor activities afterward. Contact us today to schedule your tour. We’ll be happy to tell you even more about this area as we walk you around our property.

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