Making the Most of a One-Bedroom Apartment in Phoenix

When you venture out to find your first home as a young adult, you are more than likely to settle into a one-bedroom apartment. You may think that living in a smaller space is limiting, but there is so much you can do with a one-bedroom floor plan. It just takes a little ingenuity and smart planning.

We are here to help! At Heers Management, our goal is make your apartment life as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Check out the following tips for making the most of your one-bedroom layout.

Level Up

Use floating shelves to create the illusion of various levels in your space. By using shelves to split up space vertically, you can create extra storage spaces as well as make ample room to implement décor that fits into your apartment theme without crowding.

White Walls

White walls will actually make your space look and feel more open and roomy; especially during the daytime when lots of sunlight is spilling in. It also allows you to change your color palette via accents and décor throughout year – a fantastic way to change with the seasons!

Pops of Color

Your white walls don’t have to feel bland. They can really come to life with exuberant pops of color, which lend to a modern style of décor. Minimalism is your friend in a small space. Think one large, red-hued piece of wall art as a statement piece, or two fabulously saturated wall accents that draw the eye. Less is more, as long as those few items have a big punch!

Foldable Furniture

Think of every furniture item you might need your home, then figure out which of those come in a fold-up version. Having the ability to fold away your bed, table or desk will create more room when you need space for other household activities. It can also make your place look tidier quicker.


Placing a large mirror in your living room or bedroom is the perfect way to create the illusion of more space. The reflection of your apartment will make it look like as though there is additional room to explore. Having a mirror in your bedroom is especially useful if you have a small bathroom you are sharing. You can use the bedroom mirror to complete all of your daily grooming rituals if need be.


Designated zones with visual piders are perfect for implementing organization in your one-bedroom space. You can use a large storage shelf, a foldable three-panel pider or even a large rug. Using a storage shelf also allows you to store important zone-specific items (i.e. books, art tools, blankets, etc.). Zoning with focus and functionality in mind is key to smart space usage.

Bigger but Fewer Furnishings

Having too many small furnishings will make your apartment look messy and cluttered. The same goes for having too many little trinkets and décor items. Keep it simple and bold by using well-designed, larger furniture pieces. If possible, we also recommend purchasing furniture that offers double functionality, or positioning your furniture with double functionality in mind.

Smart Storage

There are beds on the market that come with storage drawers in the frame, which will save you significant space. Whether you use them to store clothes, books, extra blankets or towels, this is ideal in an apartment that may only have one storage closet. Another option is to add lifted cabinets over the top of your bed, creating additional storage without compromising more floor space.

We have tons of great ideas that can make your apartment living easy and comfortable, no matter which Heers Management property you reside in. If you are still looking for the best single-bedroom apartment floor plan in Phoenix, you can check out our collection of layouts here. or visit our floor plans for The Cove Apartments.

Feel free to contact us with questions. We look forward to meeting you and getting you into a nice and cozy home!

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