Is Today a No Burn Day in Phoenix?

f you’ve ever watched the morning weather forecast in Phoenix you’ve probably heard the news team mention No Burn Days. Or to save you some time, we have here a live feed of the No Burn status in Phoenix:



While local stations do their part to let people know when a day has been deemed No Burn, they rarely explain what this means and why it happens. Here’s what you need to know to determine whether or not today is a No Burn Day and how that affects you.

Is Today A No Burn Day in Phoenix?

The best way to find out if today is a No Burn Day is to watch the news or to go online and look at your local weather forecast. Information about No Burn Days in Phoenix can also be found on Phoenix’s city website so you can check for yourself at any time. For cities wondering how to improve air quality, No Burn Days have proven highly effective by targeting the most dangerous days of the year.

Why Do We Have No Burn Days?

No Burn Days have been designated by cities across the nation as we focus on reducing smog and air pollution. Under normal conditions, burning wood logs or other matter creates smoke and particles that float away in the breeze. However, on certain days of the year where there is dense air holding the particles close to the earth, it causes a large cloud to sit over the city instead of dissipating. For those with respiratory problems like asthma, this can trigger negative health effects. If these conditions continue for too long, the Environmental Protection Agency may get involved. When this happens, the city is forced to take drastic action to reduce the amount of smog produced within the city, which can have economic and personal consequences for the residents.

What Are the Rules?

When a No Burn Day is declared, residents are not allowed to use wood-fired stoves or fireplaces. In addition, burning of trash and use of outdoor fire pits are temporarily restricted. The city asks that you also reduce your driving and use of fossil fuels for the day to keep emissions as low as possible. Actions that kick up dust and add particles to the air can make things worse.

Now that you understand what a No Burn Day is and why it happens, you can be part of the air quality solution in Phoenix. Whenever you have questions about air quality and burning restrictions you can simply go online and find out what the news has to say.

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