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How to Plan the Perfect Oscars Viewing Party at Your Apartment

The Oscars are one of the most exciting nights of the year if you’re fascinated by show business. The rich and famous get together to hand out awards for the past year, and you can host a swanky party of your own. Check online for apartment decorating ideas, then get into the spirit.

The Oscars themselves are all about style and presentation, so your gathering should live up to high standards, too. Use the ideas below to make sure your Oscars viewing party is a big hit.

Prepare Some Award-Winning Food

You don’t have to be a Hollywood chef to get some great snacks for your Oscars party. You can make some simple dips, or have everyone bring one of their favorite dishes. If you and your friends don’t want to cook at all, consider ordering takeout instead.

See if you can find a way to make up creative names for the dishes that go with some of this year’s nominees. For example, you could get raspberry lemonade and call it Bohemian Raspberry. Lemon and poppy seed desserts can become Mary Poppins Seed Muffins. It’s simple, but your guests might get a kick out of it.

Decide on the Attire

The Oscars themselves are a very fancy event, so it can’t hurt to make your viewing party a dressy affair. Tell your guests to put on their finest cocktail attire, and you’ll feel like you fit in with everyone on the big screen. You’re sure to get some great pictures this way, and your group will be a big hit at the bar if you decide to hit the town afterward.

Roll Out the Red Carpet

If you really want to go above and beyond, get crafty and make some themed decorations for your place. Fake gold statuettes and movie posters from a few of the nominated films will cultivate a winning mood. Litter your bar cart with some gold glitter, or hang some gold stars as streamers or wall decorations. If you’re especially handy with arts and crafts, you could even make some red rope railings or fashion a red carpet from a length of inexpensive cloth.

Send the Invitations

You don’t need to pay for expensive invitations and postage to stay on theme. Instead, doctor up a Facebook event page or send sparkling evites. However you decide to send the invitations, be sure to get them out far enough in advance so everyone can plan accordingly.

Include crucial information like the following:
• Date and time
• Attire
• Whether or not people should bring something (drinks, snacks, etc.)
• Your address and directions for getting to your unit

Create a Game

Games are a fun way to make the broadcast more enjoyable for people who aren’t necessarily movie buffs. You could make up bingo cards and have a small prize like a gift card to a local restaurant. If you’re planning on enjoying cocktails during the broadcast, you could make a game where everyone sips their champagne when a certain event happens. Ideas include any of the following:

• The host makes a mistake
• More than three people go onstage for an award
• There is a wardrobe malfunction
• Someone accidentally swears during a speech
• They show an ad for designer clothes or scents

You could even have everyone in your group give their own acceptance speech, then vote on who gave the most award-winning speech and who had the best outfit.

The Right TV

The Oscars are for people who made their mark on the big screen this year, and the ceremony is best viewed on a big screen of your own. If you’ve been thinking about buying a better TV, now might be the right time. Big screen TVs are more affordable than ever, and this is an excellent excuse to make the plunge. You’ll be glad you have it when you’re watching all the award winners in the weeks to come.

Immerse Yourself in Sound

The visuals are only part of a great show. You’ll also need to have good sound, and bad TV speakers can really take away from the listening experience. A soundbar or surround sound system will make you feel like you’re right in the room with your favorite stars and will cement your apartment as the go-to movie spot from now on. You can also prepare a little playlist to keep the mood up during breaks in the action.

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