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How To Get the Most Storage Out of Your Closet

Finding the perfect apartment can be a real weight off your shoulders, especially if you’ve been searching for weeks or months. Whether you were looking for a chef’s kitchen, an ideal living room for entertaining or the master bedroom of your dreams, locating the right space isn’t always an easy task.

One thing many people have to compromise on is closet space. While closets may be at a premium in many apartments, including the very desirable ones, there are some ways to get the most out of your storage space.

Use this guide to make sure you’re utilizing your storage options the right way.

Hang ‘Em High

In many closets, you’ll find a single hanging rod placed right in the middle of the wall. While that might work just fine if you have about a dozen garments to hang up, most people have more than that.

To fix this single-rod issue, you can measure to see if you have space for a second bar. By adding one higher up, and potentially lowering the existing rod, you could double your storage capacity.

If you do go this route, make sure you consider what you have to hang and where those items will go. Items like slacks or pants may work on that bottom bar, but longer items like coats will drag on the ground if you’re not careful.

Clear Up Your Storage

When it comes to creative closet storage ideas, purchasing clear bins isn’t exactly the newest idea in town. Clear storage bins can be very helpful for tucking away items that you don’t need every single day though.

For example, storing a dozen scarves in a clear storage bin makes a lot more sense when you’re limited on storage space than hanging them all up. The same thing goes for items like sweaters that you don’t wear year round.

Clear storage bins also can be placed on the very top shelf and out of reach without a step stool. Just make sure you don’t put items you need every day up there.

Shoes Off!

When you look in the average storage area, you’re going to find shoes on the floor. That might be a logical place for them, but in many cases this isn’t the best use of your storage space.

Getting a shoe rack can double or even triple your ground storage. For the best results, get a shoe rack that’s as tall as possible. If you don’t have that many shoes, you can use the top shelves for storing bags or even clear plastic bins.

Contact Heers Management to learn more about how to organize your closet. We also can help you find Phoenix apartments to fit your needs and provide the storage options that you’re looking for.

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