How to Find Roommates in a New City

Moving to a new city like Phoenix or Las Vegas means a whole new population of people, and finding a roommate may not be easy. You may not realize it, but you may have a few connections in your new city that may make the roommate search simpler for you.

  • Friends and family: Your friends and family likely have extended family, friends and acquaintances in different parts of the country, possibly the new city you’re relocating to. Tap into their networks to help you find a roommate. They know you best and will probably be better at setting you up with the right prospective roommates than a website would.
  • Alumni networks: An alumni network is a great place to find a possible new roommate, especially if you are a recent graduate. Many graduates relocate to different parts of the country, so there is a good chance someone from your alma mater is in your new city. If you’re lucky, he or she may need a roommate or may be willing to help you find one.
  • Social media: Your social media outlets often feature multiple networks in one place – from old high school classmates to new church friends – meaning you can reach out to a large pool that knows you. Consider using this to your advantage and make a post about your situation.

How to find the perfect roommate

Finding a roommate and finding the perfect roommate are two different things. The latter typically requires more time and effort but is very much worth it. A perfect roommate means fewer problems and hassles, a more harmonious lifestyle and possibly a new friend. Here are a few tips to find your perfect roommate.

  • Tap into personal networks: The people you know have similar interests and lifestyles so there is a higher chance to find a perfect roommate in that group compared to a pool of strangers found through a website.
  • Use detailed searches: Be specific about what you want in a roommate.
  • Meet in person: Internet interactions never provide the full picture of a person. Make sure to meet with them to get a better take on the person.
  • Discuss finances and expectations: Two big issues that often cause problems between roommates are how expenses are to be handled and what is expected of each person. It’s important to discuss how rent and utilities will be paid as well as noise preferences, having people over, significant others spending the night, how cleaning will be handled, etc. By to discussing such topics you weed out people who may have a great personality but aren’t a match in lifestyle.
  • Research prospective roommates: A simple Google search can provide relevant information a potential roommate may not be willing to share. For example, key in on a criminal history to avoid someone who might be dangerous or look for social media outlets as a way to find out if you have the same or different political ideals.

Now once you do find your perfect roommate remember that to keep said roommate around you have to be a good, if not perfect, roommate yourself.

How to find a roommate safely

With an increase in scams, it’s important to conduct a roommate search as safely as possible.

  • Use safe websites: Opt for websites that screen out possible scam artists such as
  • Take safety precautions: Take a friend when meeting in person with your prospective roommates.
  • Check criminal history: Before meeting them, check potential roommates’ criminal history to make sure they do not pose a threat and are safe to meet.

How to find a good roommate on Craigslist

Craigslist is a trendy way to find everything from a free couch to a new roommate, but it is also notorious for scams and people who may not be the safest to be around. It can be a good way to find the perfect roommate when used correctly.

  • Use bullet lists: People often avoid long paragraphs so maintain their attention and get the facts across go with bullets instead of paragraphs, if possible.
  • Meet in person: Don’t fill out any paperwork or complete any form of transaction without meeting in person first.
  • Write about your interests: Individuals who share your interests are more likely to respond to those types of posts while those that don’t are discouraged even to try. Of course, remember not to share too much about yourself.

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