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Five Tips to Make a Perfect Bachelor Pad

Any guy living alone in an apartment is technically living in a bachelor pad. However, when that term comes to mind, you probably think more of a great place for guys – a real hangout where any guy can feel like the King of his castle, even if he’s the only one occupying the space.

No matter what creating the perfect bachelor pad means to you, there are some foolproof ways to get the space you want. Use this guide to turn your apartment into the ultimate space for your manly lifestyle.

Avoid Cliché Color Schemes

Bachelor pads tend to be decorated in a lot of the same colors. Red, black and white, or a combination of black, blue and white, seem to be go-to themes for guys. Too bad they’re such a cliché stereotype for bachelors.

Instead, embrace colors that you really love that fall outside of that grouping. Dark green, chocolate, vintage-inspired yellow and even bright colors can still look masculine, and for the most part, are pretty easy to work with.

Spend Money on Window Treatments

A lot of guys spend money on furniture, but then they leave the windows bare, or they keep the plastic blinds that came with the place. Spend some money on nice window treatments – rolling shades are great for contemporary, minimal spaces – and you’ll see a huge difference.

Best of all, your apartment will feel more like a home than just a place to hang your coat at the end of the day.

Get a Rug or Two

Like window treatments, a lot of guys just leave the bare floor in their apartment. After all, minimal is totally in, right? Minimalism can be great in a bachelor pad, but rugs help warm up a space and make it feel a lot more comfortable.

Consider putting rugs in two or three common areas at first – like your entryway, under your sofa and coffee table, and under the dining room table. Having one underfoot in the morning can also make the start of your day much more pleasant.

Pay for Upscale Audio

Nothing says bachelor pad like rock music around the clock. Even if rock and roll isn’t your thing, great audio should still be on your list of must-have accessories.

Best of all, you’ll be able to integrate your audio system with your TV. That will make your place headquarters for guy’s night when it’s time for a big sporting event or that movie everybody’s been waiting to see.

Invest in Glassware

Glassware might seem like a small thing, but it’s really the small touches that take a normal apartment and turn them into a killer bachelor pad. If you love a great glass of beer, or you just love having the guys over for drinks, glassware can make all the difference in your space.

Ditch the red plastic cups and buy sets of glassware that you’ll use regularly. When possible, look for glasses that will do double duty, like pint glasses. They’re great for beer, but you can easily enjoy a glass of crisp, cold water out of one when you need it.

Specialized glasses like wine, cocktail and even juice glasses turn a boring kitchen into a swinging bachelor pad in pretty much no time at all. You’ll also do a lot better if you bring a date home for a nightcap!

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