Pumpkins on front step with halloween decorations

DIY Halloween Decorations

It’s time to get into the spooky spirit with homemade Halloween decorations! With the DIY projects below, apartments in Phoenix can get a quick and inexpensive holiday update, that’s scarily fun!

Bat Silhouettes

This super simple project can add a little touch of Halloween to any lamp in your apartment. To create bat silhouettes, you’ll need black construction paper, scissors and scotch tape. Print an outline of a bat, or freehand it, if you’re feeling artsy, then cut out the shape on construction paper. Tape the bats on the inside of your lampshades, being careful to secure them away from hot bulbs. When the lights are on, you’ll see the cool and creepy shadow effect.

Haunted Town

You’ve seen the sweet Christmas dioramas in the winter, now it’s time for a haunted town for Halloween! Look for small wooden houses at the craft store, and then spray them all with a matte black spray paint. Set them up on a table, along with faux spiderwebs and your ghost town is ready to show off!

Creepy Crawler Dinnerware

If you’re inviting guests over for dinner, you’ll want to set a spooky table. Start with the plates. Pick up some white oven-safe plates and draw a line of spiders crawling along the edge or right down the middle, with a pencil. Use a food-safe, black ceramic paint to fill in your pencil drawings. Follow the paint instructions, which should include baking the dish to cure the paint, and then set your table. Add plastic spiders to keep the creepy theme going.

Customized Tombstones

Get playful with your decor and let your guests get in on the fun. Start by creating chalkboard tombstones. Look for wooden plaques at the craft store, choosing those that look most like gravestones. Give them all a coat of black chalkboard paint. Then, grab a pack of chalk and get creative with your ghostly names. Dee Compose, Willy B. Back and M.T. Grave are just a few to get you started.

Quick Switches

For the final details of your Halloween inspired apartment makeover, just swap out a few home accessories for creepy alternatives. Start by replacing any candles with black pillar and taper candles. When setting the table, trade a regular tablecloth with a blood red cloth, topped with some black gauzy material for a dark and devilish look. Finally, make your guests do a double take. Replace photos in any frames around your living room with old-fashioned photos printed from the internet, the creepier the better.

Where will you be hosting your next haunted Halloween dinner party? Our Phoenix apartments are perfect for entertaining at any holiday. For more information about our apartment communities, contact us today.

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