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Apartment Living vs. Dorm Room Living: Which one is Better?

Once you’re no longer obligated to live on campus, you have to make the very adult to decision to decide where it is best for you to live for the upcoming semester. As a young adult, you have the option of continuing to live in an on-campus dorm or off-campus apartment.

Dorms and apartments each offer different environments, so what you choose should depend on what you need in a place.

Living in an apartment

Living an apartment during college can be a great first step into real adulthood. Not only is a great way to start building your rental history, it’s also an opportunity to start taking control of your life. You get to choose where you live, who you live with and your lifestyle

Having your own apartment means you have much more space and privacy than a dorm. It also means you’re no longer subject to the strange little rules of campus life like “No toaster ovens in the dorm rooms.”

With your own place comes your own kitchen, meaning you can also escape the dreaded mandatory dining hall meal plan, which means you save your taste buds and your money.

There is no better time to consider living in an apartment in Phoenix than right now when so many are available at the Avante Property Apartments near the ASU Campus. If you’re still hesitant about leaving the dorms, consider renting a dorm-style apartment.

Living in a dorm

Dorm life has its positives. By living in a campus dorm, you’re much closer to campus life and activities as well as classes. It’s also perfect for extroverts who love being around people. There will typically always be something going on down the hall or in one of the common areas.

Living in a dorm also means less responsibility. Repairs and some cleaning are typical handled by physical plant workers. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about utilities as the cost of those is already included in your room and board fees.

Unfortunately, dorm life is not perfect. More often than not, living in a dorm setting means more rules and regulations as well as a really low level of privacy. And though it doesn’t require constant budgeting to keep up with bills, living in a dorm can be the more expensive option in the long run.

Heers Management

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