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8 Mid-Century Modern Decorating Ideas for Your Apartment

Mid-century modern is one of the most popular design styles in the world, whether it be architecture, furniture, or graphic art. This particular aesthetic developed over the middle of the 20th century, hence the name. The Industrial Revolution and a couple of world wars primed the world for a massive movement into more modern design. This style is well-suited for apartments since it’s often associated with white walls, and many apartments have white rooms. Decorating with mid-century modern is back in a big way, so follow the eight tips below to bring a special flair to your apartment.

1 – Clean and Natural

A defining aspect of mid-century modern design is that it uses clean lines and natural hues to create simple, classic pieces. You don’t necessarily have to find a piece from the mid-1900s to bring this style into your home. Plenty of modern furniture-makers are still making things in the style of older pieces, so you can find this type of design almost anywhere if you know what you’re looking for. Peg legs, bold graphic fabrics, and wood tones are all common features of this aesthetic.

2 – Thrift Shopping

If you do want something that’s actually from the 1950s or any time around then, your best bet is, of course, to buy it second-hand. Thrift stores, vintage furniture shops, and flea markets are all great places to find mid-century modern furniture. While you’re there, you might also come across some beautiful art or knick-knacks that will help you bring out the vibe even more.

3 – Bar on Wheels

The bar cart is a classic mid-century modern touch. It’s perfect for apartments that don’t have a bar built in because it gives you a convenient place to mix drinks. Even if you’re not a big drinker, this will give your apartment a classic visual appeal. Don’t over-stock it; just a few nice bottles will give it a clean and sophisticated look. You may also want to include some old school glasses and a cocktail shaker to complete the look.

4 – Sunburst Mirrors

There’s a mirror for just about every design scheme, but sunburst mirrors were especially popular during the era when mid-century modern came to life. The right mirror will make your place feel brighter, and it also serves as an excellent decoration for your wall.

5 – Fun and Functional

One of the things that inspired the mid-century modern movement was that more and more people were moving into cities and therefore had less space. When people started living in close quarters, they no longer had room for big, ornate furniture that didn’t serve much of a purpose. Simplicity is key, so say goodbye to overly-ornate designs in your furniture.

6 – One Piece at a Time

To create a great mid-century look, don’t rush to something together as fast as possible. Instead, focus on collecting pieces that are truly extraordinary. Look around your apartment and see what’s missing. If you need a coffee table or another chair in your living room, that’s where you should start with your mid-century decorating. Building piece by piece will help you keep a clean, minimalist look, which is crucial for this style. Don’t worry if this creates a period of time in your apartment where everything isn’t from exactly the same style. As long as you’re thinking while adding and replacing pieces, you’ll be able to come up with something that works.

7 – Nail the Lighting

If you live in an apartment, there’s a good chance you don’t want to mess with the ceiling lights in your place. The good news is that mid-century modern design schemes rely heavily on lamps. Sure, there are certain installed lighting fixtures that became popular during this era, but you can certainly do without them. Tall, slim lampshades are popular for table lamps, and simple stands leading up to a lampshade are a good bet for floor lamps.

8 – Neutral Colors

Olive, reds, and mustard colors became popular during the mid-1900s, but you don’t have to commit to something that bold to capture the essence of the era. Muted colors and pastels are both well-suited for mid-century modern design schemes, and you’ll even find a lot of gray in pieces from this movement. That’s great news for apartment dwellers because it means your high-quality furniture will stay in style and look great in a lot of different places.

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