10 of The Most Popular Jobs in Arizona

Not only is the Valley of the Sun an incredible place to live, but it is an amazing place to work as well. As the epicenter of many booming industries, Phoenix is an exciting place for those looking to build a career, whether you are just starting out in the job hunt or well into your employment journey. In the last several years, the growing opportunities for job seekers have drawn many new people to the Phoenix metro area, motivating people to make the move and become a full-time desert dweller.

Jobs in Phoenix range from tech to health and from entertainment to education. There are a variety of job opportunities available, with the constant growth opening doors for people looking to make Phoenix their home. Here is a list of the top 10 jobs in Arizona, a wealth of possibilities for new and established residents alike.


Among one of the top high-paying jobs in Arizona, the engineering field is ever-growing. With tech giants like Intel and aerospace companies like Aerostar Aerospace, the available opportunities for engineering are plentiful. The universities in the Phoenix area are all members of the Arizona Space Grant Consortium, committed to partnering with in-state businesses and the government to fuel the growth of the nations’ space program.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technicians

As you can imagine, in the heat of the desert, those who can help keep everyone and everything cool are greatly valued. Becoming an air conditioning and refrigeration technician or installer requires some time in trade school or on-the-job experience, but the payoff is significant. You will enjoy excellent job security and income potential in the desert cities.

Interpreters and Translators

Phoenix is a center for people from all over the world, melding a variety of languages and cultures. Working as an interpreter is becoming one of the most popular jobs in Arizona and offers the opportunity to interact with a variety of interesting people in all types of settings.


Phoenix has topped many lists of the fastest-growing cities in the nation with many people moving to the exciting desert city every day. All of these new people looking for homes means the construction industry is in a state of continuous growth. Construction jobs like roofers are one of the best jobs in Phoenix for consistent, steady work.

Construction Workers

Along the same line as roofing, general construction work is always growing in the Valley. Many people are able to learn construction skills through on-the-job experience, honing their craft while they earn money. With a number of large construction companies in Phoenix, there are many opportunities for people willing to get their hands dirty and enjoy a good day’s work.

Medical Professionals

Along with the growth in population comes an increase in their medical needs, and the growing medical industry in Phoenix shows this. One of the largest medical providers in West Phoenix and other parts of the metro area, Banner Health, operates a large number of hospitals and urgent care centers across the Valley. Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals are always in need as the growth continues. Pay and benefits are generally very good in the medical field, as is job security.


As more and more families move to the Phoenix area, schools are experiencing a huge influx of students. Private, charter, and public schools alike are always looking for motivated educational professionals with a passion for education. Arizona is known for their high-quality teacher education programs through the state universities with excellent opportunities to earn your teaching certification. If you’d like to work in education but teaching isn’t your career path of choice, look into being a member of the support staff, like a bus driver, secretary, or school nurse.


The booming construction industry requires people that have the skills to install and repair electrical systems, so there are always opportunities for electricians. If you don’t have any experience but the field sounds like something you would be interested in, there are plenty of excellent trade schools in the Phoenix area. Gaining the specialized skills to become an electrician will earn you excellent income potential.

Leisure and Hospitality Workers

With Arizona becoming one of the top travel destinations in the county, the growth in the leisure and hospitality industry has been impressive. Spend your workdays in the gorgeous environment of Arizona’s top resorts and hotels, interacting with a variety of interesting people. There are also a large number of golf courses, which provide a number of employment opportunities for those who are looking to enjoy a bit of Arizona sun.

Food and Beverage Workers

As Phoenix becomes the newest foodie hot spot, there are a growing number of hip restaurants and bars looking for fun, sociable people to employ. If you enjoy engaging with people in a fun, dynamic environment, consider a career in the food and beverage industry. With jobs in serving, food preparation, bartending, and hosting, you can find your place in the exciting, ever-changing foodie scene.

As industry overall explodes with creativity, growth, and innovation in Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun is fast becoming the Valley of Opportunity. People from all corners of the country are coming to the Phoenix area to take advantage of the incredible career opportunities available here, as well as the exciting lifestyle and beautiful landscape. Phoenix residents not only love spending their days off in the Valley, but they are also loving their workdays as well.

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