10 of the Best Companies in Phoenix to Work For

The Phoenix metropolitan area has been experiencing an exciting boom in a variety of industries, and with that growth comes an increase in excellent career opportunities. Both new and longtime Phoenix residents are looking to take advantage of the chance to grow a rewarding career and jump into the rich and varied pool of jobs in Phoenix.
Like any job hunter, you probably are looking to become a part of a company that makes a positive impact in the community, excels in their field, and has a reputation for treating their employees right. Luckily, some employers fit the bill in the Phoenix area, and there is no shortage of opportunities to become a part of something amazing.
Here is a list of the top 10 companies to work for in Phoenix, each with a variety of positive characteristics and a team of happy employees.

McCarthy Building Companies

Started as a family business, McCarthy Building Companies is now completely employee-owned. Its Phoenix office employs nearly 400 people, all of whom enjoy an excellent working environment that encourages career growth and learning through its field group training and BuildU program.
Employee benefits include uncapped bonuses for every employee, health premium discounts and company-owned condos where you can vacation around the country.

Edward Jones

With a large office in Tempe, Edward Jones is a financial services company that employs financial advisors and a variety of support employees. About half of the associates own part of the company with financial advisors operating as their own business supported by the company.
The company rewards excellent performance with expense-paid trips, bonuses, and opportunities for profit-sharing. Edward Jones is also committed to serving the community through volunteering and makes it a regular part of the work week.

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona

You’re probably familiar with Habitat for Humanity as a charitable organization that builds homes for those in need. As an employee of this company, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are making an incredible difference in the Phoenix community.
Employees enjoy a positive working environment with high morale, as well as rich opportunities for volunteering.


Providing military members and their families with insurance, banking, and financial services, USAA employs nearly 4,000 people in their Phoenix location. Employees enjoy retirement savings contributions matching up to 8 percent, as well as bonuses and awards for accomplishments and excellent performance.
Employee health is valued as well, with an onsite clinic, a fitness center, walking trails and a healthy habits program that earns health insurance premium reeducations.


Most people have probably used the Yelp website or app to find a new place to eat or a well-reviewed service provider in their neighborhood, but you may not know that they are known for having among the best jobs in Phoenix.
The Scottsdale office is filled with hard-working employees who balance it all out with plenty of fun, including games and even a nap room. Family life is valued as well, with an excellent maternity and paternity leave program, as well as a focus on work-life balance.

Discover Financial Services

The financial giant has a large office in the Phoenix area and focuses heavily on employee recognition and team morale through awards, fun events, and company-wide gatherings.
You can give back to the community as well – as an employee you will participate in the annual construction of a Habitat for Humanity home, among other charitable programs.


The Phoenix office of this staffing agency is small but well-loved by its employees, as it fosters support and growth for every single team member. Weekly one-on-one meetings ensure that all employees are on the same page as their managers, and town halls give everyone a chance to hear about the latest company happenings.

Camden Property Trust

With a small but dedicated Phoenix office, Camden Property Trust values their employees’ achievements and career success. Ongoing education is also celebrated, as employees who complete degree programs through the company’s Camden University are honored at an annual awards ceremony.
The care the company shows for their employees extends to their family lives as well, with financial assistance provided for prospective adoptive parents, as well as inexpensive company apartments to give all employees an opportunity to take a family vacation.

Alliance Residential

This real estate company has a Phoenix office where employees are encouraged to spread their professional wings. Benefits, such as wardrobe allowances and retail discounts, make professional dress accessible for everyone, while discounts on corporate suites make traveling more affordable.
The company’s Alliance University offers a wealth of training videos and courses, opening the door for ongoing career growth. For people looking to embark on a career path with excellent development potential, Alliance Residential is one of the best companies in Phoenix to work with.

DriveTime Automotive Group

Located in Tempe, the DriveTime Automotive Group office has a philosophy of valuing every single employee from the CEO to the newest, entry-level staff member. There are no offices at DriveTime; instead, everyone has desks in an open area to encourage collaboration and teamwork.
With fitness centers and a dedicated wellness program, the company encourages employees to work toward their health goals. Theme dress-up days add a level of fun to the work week as well.
For those looking to move to the Phoenix area, the career opportunities are exciting and plentiful. The Valley is home to a large number of companies that are making themselves known for their commitment to happy employees, a positive impact on the community and their ability to excel in their respective industries.
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