10 Helpful Tips for Your Bathroom

When it comes to apartments, even the best spaces can feel a little bit tight in the bathroom area. From not having quite enough storage, to simply not having the visual appeal you hoped for, quality apartments often require a little bit of elbow grease from the renter.

While you probably won’t be able to make major changes and get your security deposit back, there are some apartment bathroom décor ideas you can use to improve the look and feel of your space. Use these 10 tips to give yourself the bathroom you’ve always desired.

1. Mirror Mirror

A bath space without a mirror makes little sense, but in many cases, undersized mirrors are what you’ll get in an apartment. Buy a mirror with a decorative frame or a beveled edge and transform your space. Your room will also feel bigger if you use a mirror right.

2. Art

A mirror on the wall can dramatically change your space, but mirrored everything won’t work. Add a favorite piece of art, but pick something that won’t be easily damaged by steam from the shower.

3. Float Your Shelves

Floating shelves don’t take up floor space, but they will provide additional storage. They’ll also add visual interest if you pick the right materials and finish for your shelving and the brackets that hold them on the wall.

4. Curtain Style

Shower curtains aren’t very expensive, so it’s always a wonder when renters don’t have one they love. Buy a curtain that fits with your style and make your space luxurious.

5. Towel Time

Fine towels should dominate your visual space in an apartment bathroom. Pick a vibrant color, or a more subdued and relaxing one, depending on the overall look you’re going for.

6. Add a Light

A lamp in the bath area might sound crazy to some, but if you have a vanity or countertop with space, this could make a lot of sense. You’ll also get additional lighting for late at night or early in the morning.

7. Seating for One

If you’ve got room for a side chair, you can turn a bathroom from a utilitarian space to one that offers supreme relaxation in no time.

8. Put it Away

Hair dryers are essential, but keeping them on the counter isn’t. Put these items away when they’re not being used to clear up space and live clutter-free.

9. Go Custom

Custom organizers for cabinets and drawers can free up huge amounts of space. Splurge and enjoy the bath you’ve always wished for.

10. Try Fresh Flowers

Flowers in a bathroom can make all the difference in the world. Make a weekly or bi-weekly habit of picking some or buying your favorites. Don’t want to deal with fresh flowers? Go for quality silk ones instead.

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