Trendy Scottsdale Decorating Tips with the Color of 2017 – Greenery

Trendy Scottsdale Decorating Tips with the Color of 2017 – Greenery

The spring season is approaching and with it the urge to start anew with some spring cleaning and redecorating. This season’s color is Greenery and you should definitely consider adding to your apartment. Not only is it the color of relaxation and rejuvenation, it also creates vitality and balance in a room.

It’s a color we humans are naturally drawn to. It soothes us and reminds of the calm of nature outside the chaotic city lifestyle. Plus, it’s a flexible color that can match with so many others. So why not add Greenery decor to your place?

Here are some basic and fun home decor ideas to add a bit, or a whole lot, of Greenery to your apartment.  

Basic Ideas

  1. Paint!
    If you don’t find the color overwhelming, go ahead and paint your apartment walls green. If you just want to add a touch of green, consider painting an accent wall.
  2. Add a staple piece of furniture
    If you want to add one bold piece in your home, you should consider buying a couch, table or something you want to be eye-catching in a shade of green.

Creative Ideas

  1. Add some plant life to your picture frames
    You can adorn your picture frames and artwork with vines, twine, rope, ribbon and even flowers.
  2. Create dreamcatchers
    Using a hoop, floral wire and some glue here and there, you can create a green dreamcatcher that will add greenery and uniqueness to the place.
  3. Make a herb garden
    If you’re into cooking and want to add some spice to your meals, consider making an indoor herb garden. It can serve as a neat decoration, a source of flavor and a spot of greenery. There are plenty of DIY herb garden ideas online.
  4. Make terrariums in a jar?
    If you like the idea of an indoor garden but aren’t into cooking, consider making a terrarium garden using mason jars. Not only do they look cool and unique, they can also be placed throughout your home to add dashes of Greenery.

Heers Management

Heers Management creates a positive atmosphere within our properties and expects that trendy Scottsdale apartment homes will be full of greenery this spring. Contact us for more information about great apartments throughout the Phoenix metro area.