The Seven Numbers You Should Keep On Your Refrigerator

The Seven Numbers You Should Keep On Your Refrigerator

With a growing segment of the population having a smart phone in their pocket around the clock, the idea of writing down phone numbers and putting them in a safe place has more or less gone by the wayside. Some numbers though, like those you might need in an emergency, should still be close at hand.

Take note of these seven numbers that you should keep on your refrigerator. In many cases, acting quickly is of the utmost importance, and doing a Google search for a number on your phone won’t benefit you at all.

Use this guide from Heers Management to protect yourself.

1. Nearby Neighbors

From picking up the mail to making sure your home is okay in an emergency, your neighbors are more than just people you live near. You may not use your neighbor’s phone numbers often, but when you need one, chances are, you’ll need it in a hurry.

2. Your Doctor

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but sometimes you need to contact your healthcare provider quickly. Even if your question isn’t an emergency, finding a doctor’s phone number, especially if they work in a medical plaza or hospital, can be tricky.

3. Immediate Family

You may know your immediate family’s phone numbers by heart, but keeping them on your refrigerator can also help others in an emergency. If you get injured for example, those who help you may not be able to track down the family members who need to know.

4. Your Pharmacy

If you take prescription medication regularly, keeping your pharmacy’s phone number nearby can help you get answers to questions and make sure you don’t run out of the medication you need every day. You may not use it daily, but keeping this number close at hand can help you when you need it.

5. Poison Control

Families with children and pets need to keep the poison control center phone number nearby in case of emergencies. When someone eats or drinks something problematic, the few minutes it takes to find that poison control phone number could really make a difference.

6. Veterinary Services

If you don’t have a pet you can skip this one, but if you do, your vet’s number needs to be practically on speed dial. Keep it close, in case your pet gets hurt or you need quick answers to a medical issue.

7. A Locksmith

Nothing is worse than getting locked out of your own car or home. Keeping a trusted locksmith’s phone number on your refrigerator and in your cell phone is a good way to prevent any big hassles or excessive stress.

We hope you enjoyed these quick tips to keep your family safe and sound. Looking for a new place to call home? Contact Heers Management today to browse a variety of apartments in Phoenix!