How to Survive Moving in With Your Significant Other

How to Survive Moving in With Your Significant Other

Living with your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t quite a marriage, but it’s not simply dating either. Moving in together is a big step in any relationship. Not only do you share your space, you also share a big part of yourself.

It’s nerve-racking, yes, but it’s something you can prepare yourself for. Here are some tips to help you get ready for moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Getting Ready to Move in With Your Significant Other

  1. Clear the air about each other's expectations: This means discuss everything that may affect the relationship: how expenses are to be divided, individual spending habits, chores/responsibilities, habits, preferences and quirks, to name a few important topics.
  2. Look for a space that meets both your needs as a couple and individuals: If one of you needs a dedicated office space and another needs lots of windows for natural sunlight, make sure you find something that fits those needs and offers enough living space for you both.
  3. Do some ‘‘moving in’’ cleaning: Your space is going to be reduced so to avoid any problems make sure to only take what you really want and need to your new place. It’s time to say goodbye to that cute dress you haven’t worn since college but just can't seem to let go.
  4. Establish ‘‘couple time’’ and ‘‘me time’’: Your relationship always will need proper investment so make sure you set out time for it. It might seem like you don’t because you see each other so much more now but remember that being a couple is more than simply seeing each other. You’re still dating each other, so DATE! You also need to invest time in yourself. You are your own individual and have your own hobbies, tastes, and activities. It’s only fair to yourself and your relationship to continue being yourself. By doing both, you’ll keep initial attraction you felt for each other alive
  5. Have an emergency breakup plan: Part of the worry of moving in together comes from the big ‘‘what if we break up’’ question, and the best way to get rid of that worry is to tackle the question head-on. You don’t want to end up in an awkward living situation after a breakup so make sure you come up with a solid plan.
  6. Enjoy it! Moving in together is a serious matter but it is quite fun! You live with the person you adore. Relish the movie binges, late-night chats over wine and couples costumes on Halloween.

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