The la jolla

The la jolla

A Space for a Growing Family

Not all apartments in Las Vegas can cater to a growing family, but an apartment with the La Jolla floor plan can. With two bedrooms and two baths in a total of 1,046 square feet, there’s enough room for a small family of three or four. La Jolla also features a spacious open kitchen with a breakfast bar so it's easy to get the food ready and to the kids. The floor plan includes a separate dining area for family meals and special events. The second bedroom is located just across the hall from the master bedroom, making it ideal for parents who wish to give their children their own space but still have them close by in case of an emergency.

La Jolla is also a great option if you are an individual or couple who plans to have visitors often as the second bedroom can serve as a guest bedroom. It can also serve as a home office or hobby area.

Amenities That Will Make Life Easier

Our Aviata apartments located upstairs also include a fireplace. This not only helps keep the apartment warm during the cold, winter months but also serves as a great spot for family and friends to gather around and chat. Another great amenity is that appliances are included, so you don’t have to waste your time looking for or installing appliances. Instead, you can focus on decorating your apartment so it can feel more like home!

The la jolla floor plan

$1050- $1125

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