Renting a House vs. Renting an Apartment: Which is Better?

Renting a House vs. Renting an Apartment: Which is Better?

A house and an apartment both are good options for renting in their own way. Both offer a roof over your head and a place to call home, but they are very different. Deciding which one is the better option for your next move depends on what you’re looking in a residence.

Difference Between Renting a House and an Apartment

Renting an Apartment

When people think of renting an apartment they often think about limitations but, on the contrary, living in an apartment has much to offer.

Many apartment complexes offer access to a variety of facilities such as a pool, park, and/ or gym. This is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle and even better for those on a budget that don’t wish to spend money on a gym membership.

Living in an apartment also means lower expenses. Utilities are typically lower in an apartment and, in some cases, a few are covered by the property. You also don’t have to work about most outdoor maintenance costs as the property maintenance staff takes care of those areas.

The best part about living in an apartment is the sense of security that if something goes wrong with your apartment there is someone there to help. If a pipe bursts or the air conditioning stops running, someone from the maintenance staff is always a call away and if they can’t fix it they have a list of professionals who can. To top it off, unless you are to blame for the damage you won’t have to pay for the repair.

There are many apartments for rent in Phoenix, Arizona right now making it the perfect time to rent an apartment instead of a house.

Renting a House

By opting to rent a home, you have to chance to experience life very differently than someone renting an apartment. For one, you have significantly more space and privacy.  You also have more freedom to decorate and maintain the home as you wish.

Unfortunately, the cost is typically higher and not just in rent. As a tenant of a home, you are more likely to be responsible for managing more repairs than an apartment renter and those times you will be responsible for finding and paying for repair service. You will also usually be responsible for all utility costs.

When deciding between renting a house vs. renting an apartment, it’s important to consider the qualities each option offers side by side.

Renewing the Lease

When renting a house, in most cases you have a lease to protect you from the owner putting the house on the market. Once the lease is up the owner has the option of renewing it or selling instead. That’s not the case with renting an apartment. With an apartment, unless you violate any terms of the lease it’s pretty safe to say that you can renew your lease until you see fit.

Keeping it Clean

One of the advantages of an apartment is it typically means there is less to clean. An apartment has just enough space for you to live in that you’ll feel comfortable, but not so much that you feel like keeping it clean is a full-time job. While a house may take days to clean thoroughly, an apartment can be cleaned and polished in less than 24 hours.

That means less cleaning supplies to buy, less time spent cleaning it and more time enjoying your life.


Another of the benefits of renting an apartment is having better access to the city. Apartment homes are typically closer to the city, while homes are often in suburban areas. With proximity to the city also comes better access to public transportation, major attractions and businesses, meaning you’ll have everything you need much closer than if you were living in a suburban home.

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