Non-Profits Pick-Up Your Furniture and Other Items

Non-Profits Pick-Up Your Furniture and Other Items

Moving to a new place often means finding a lot of things you didn’t even remember you owned. It also means realizing you own a lot more things than you actually want to move to your new place. It makes for a perfect time for some spring cleaning.

While throwing away clothing, furniture and other things you no longer find useful is an option, it’s not very environmentally friendly. Luckily, there are multiple non-profits that will gladly take your things off your hands without you even having to leave your apartment.

Donate Your Items

With donation pick-up available, you have no reason not to donate. All you have to do is prepare clothing and items to be picked up. Each nonprofit has its own rules regarding what can be donated, when and how items will be picked up and scheduling a pick date and time, so take a look below to see what you need to know before donating. Pay attention to furniture pickup especially; some require that you be present and that the item be in certain condition.

Another thing to look at is how your donations are being used and whether or not you’re comfortable with how they handle donations. Some give donations straight to the needy while others resell them to create a means to sustain individual programs. Some people prefer their donations not go to resale shops and instead go straight to those in need, while others prefer the opposite.

National Charities

  • Salvation Army
    • Salvation Army pickup can be scheduled either online or by phone. When scheduling your appointment make sure you have a list ready of all the items you intend to donate.
    • It will accept clothing, furniture, electronics and decorations. For a full list of acceptable items, take a look at their website. Items may not be torn or broken. If any items are deemed as such, they will not be accepted.
  • St. Vincent de Paul
    • Scheduling a pick up with St. Vincent de Paul requires you email them certain information. Pickups are only Tuesdays through Saturdays.
    • Items accepted as donations include clothing, furniture and household items.
    • At this organization, donations can go directly to those in need or to the resale shop where profits are used to help others.
  • Goodwill
    • Goodwill accepts TVs, clothing, shoes, accessories, books, sports equipment, furniture, vehicles, office equipment and much more.
    • The organization does not have donation pickup service, but in larger cities it has partnered with moving companies to provide pickup services at a reduced cost. Contact your local Goodwill to see if this is available in your area.
    • If it is not, you can always drop off the items yourself at your local Goodwill donation center.
    • Here your donations will be sold at Goodwill stores to raise money to fund job training programs and services.

Non-Profits in Phoenix

  • Arizona Humane Society
    • AHS only offers pickup for donations of at least six large bag/boxes of clothing/items or large pieces of furniture. Smaller donations may be dropped off at their Sunnyslope, Mesa and Cave Creek thrift stores.
    • Items accepted include clothes, furniture, electronics, knick-knacks, jewelry and more.
    • All items must be in working condition. Broken or overly worn items will be returned.
  • White Dove
    • Pickup of a furniture donation and other large items may be requested via phone call. All other donations are accepted at the thrift store locations.
    • Items accepted include furniture, appliances, clothing, knickknacks, art, jewelry, electronics, medical equipment and sports equipment.
    • Donations are given to those in need or placed in the thrift shop, where proceeds will go to Hospice of Valley. Funds are used to cover costs for patient-care programs.
  • Refugee Focus
    • The donations wish list includes things like gift cards, bus passes and non-perishable items. While most of the list are items one usually doesn’t donate while moving, the list does include gently used blankets which many of us have and sometimes want to get rid of during a move.
    • Refugee Focus uses the donations to care for recent refugees, foster children, seniors and families in poverty.
    • This organization does not have donation pickup, but you are free to drop off items at their regional offices.
  • Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Central Arizona
    • Donation pickup can be scheduled online or by phone. They can also be dropped off a local Savers stores or donation bins.
    • Items accepted include clothing and household items. Donations are sold in local thrift stores, and the profit is used to cover the operating costs of the mentoring program.

Non-Profits in Las Vegas

  • Las Vegas Rescue Mission
    • Donations pickup can be scheduled online.
    • Items accepted include shoes, clothing, bedding, blankets, unopened cosmetics, bicycles, small electronics, books and knick-knacks.
    • Donations are given to those in need or sold through the organization's thrift store to help fund Rescue Mission programs aimed at helping men and women going through homelessness and addiction.
  • Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas
    • A donation pickup may be arranged on the phone or through e-mail. Items can also be dropped off at ReStore locations.
    • The Restore accepts items such as appliances, home decor, flooring, lighting, plumbing, windows and doors.
    • Donations are sold at ReStore locations and proceeds are used to create affordable and sustainable homes for low-income families.
  • BBBS S. Nevada
    • Donation pickup can be scheduled online or by phone. They can also be dropped off at local Savers stores or donation bins.
    • Items accepted include clothing and household items. Donations are sold in local thrift stores, and the profit is used to cover the operating costs of the mentoring program.
  • Opportunity Village
    • Opportunity Village accepts gently used items that can be sold in its thrift store.
    • Donations help create and fund job opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Quick tips

  • If you donate furniture such as couches or sofas, make sure all cushions are included and there are no stains. If cushions are missing or a stain is present, the item may not be accepted.
  • If you donate clothes, make sure they are in decent conditions with no major stains and are still wearable. Donating clothing items in bad conditions can create more work for nonprofits so don’t donate items that should be thrown away.

Let your move not only be a chance to clean out your life but also to help others. Don’t just throw away what you no longer need, donate it. By donating, you can create positive change. Check out the Heers Management blog for more information about relocating to a new city.