It's True: The Raiders are Moving to Las Vegas

It's True: The Raiders are Moving to Las Vegas

Are the Raiders moving to Las Vegas? Yes, they are!

The decision has been finalized and, come 2019, the Oakland Raiders will move to Las Vegas.

The Raiders’ owner, Mark Davis, no longer saw a future for the franchise in Oakland due to the current condition of the team’s stadium, the Coliseum. Unlike other football venues, the Raider’ stadium lacks many modern amenities, such as suites and upscale dining options. The team also shared the stadium with the Oakland A's baseball team, which is uncommon arrangement.

Though originally hesitant about having a sports team in a city known for gambling, NFL owners allowed the relocation after Las Vegas put the idea of a new stadium on the table.

New Stadium

The Raiders’ Las Vegas Stadium is set to cost taxpayers a whopping $750 million dollars but, according to Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, the large investment will increase tourism. Casino owner Sheldon Adelson was set to invest in the project, but was removed to avoid controversy regarding gambling. Bank of America is now covering his portion of the investment with a $650 million loan.

Las Vegas provides the Raiders a new market. Though it is smaller than many, it offers an opportunity for growth with an already-high tourism rate and a general ambiance of excitement. Las Vegas residents have already shown excitement at the idea of having the Raiders as their football team as they consider it an opportunity for jobs and economic growth.

Oakland fans aren’t as happy. The Raiders’ owner stated he knows fans will be disappointed and angry but hopes they will not lash out on the team. It would not be the first time the Raiders do this to their fans. Under Al Davis, Mark's father, the team moved to Los Angeles from 1982 to 1994.

The Raiders’ relocation to Las Vegas marks the second professional sports team to be added to the city’s roster. The expansion Vegas Golden Knights will begin NHL play later thus year, demonstrating the city’s growing interest in sports.

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