Inexpensive Decorating Tips That Match Your Personality

Inexpensive Decorating Tips That Match Your Personality

Is there anything more exciting than decorating your apartment to show off your unique style and personality? There are tons of tips out there, but many of them are prohibitively expensive or are geared towards houses – not apartments in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’ve compiled some unique and helpful decorating tips that are relatively affordable and apartment-friendly.

Start with your window treatments

Adding your own window treatments may be the most affordable way to give a room a total makeover with just a single purchase. If you want an elegant, upscale look, consider dramatic velvet draperies or silk fabric.

If you’re looking for a more whimsical, youthful vibe, then consider sheers or curtains with unique patterns. There are literally hundreds of curtain options so you’re sure to find something that exactly fits your style.

Fight the urge to match everything

Despite what retailers want you to think, you don’t need to match everything in your living space. Getting stuck with the idea that this is a must is a great way to spend a ton of money. The truth is that if you pick one focal piece and place other accessories and furniture around it, you’ll end up with a cohesive and very put-together apartment.

Pick pieces you like and find ways to make them work together – don’t get stuck with the idea that everything must be in the same pattern, the same style, or even the same decade.

Use your favorite clothing as decorating accents

Do you have a favorite T-shirt that no longer fits, or a collection of boots? What about a collection of hats? If you have favorite fashion accessories that you don’t wear regularly, consider using them as décor accents. After all, what better way to show-off your unique personality than to showcase your favorite clothing?

Hang hats from hooks throughout a room, line up boots on a shelf, or frame a T-shirt and use it as art. The possibilities are endless!

Area rugs are a great addition

When you’re renting Las Vegas Nevada apartments, you can’t re-carpet the floors, but you can add your own area rugs. Not only are they easier to keep clean than carpeting or hardwood floors, they’re a great decorating accent.

Check local thrift stores for used rugs, or find a new favorite at a local retailer. You can choose a neutral option or a multi-color rug that will tie the entire room together.

Showcase your unique style with plenty of lighting

Adding lighting helps to create interest and can create the feeling of space in your apartment. Lights are also a great way to make your home feel welcoming and warm. We suggest grabbing several lamps and putting them at varying heights throughout the room. Remember that their purpose isn’t only to light the room – they’re also there as a decorating item. Pick lamps and lampshades you love.

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Decorating an apartment is a lot of fun – especially when you find affordable ways to let your unique personality shine through. These ideas should get your imagination running. Contact Heers Management about our great apartments in Las Vegas.