How to Deal with Rowdy Neighbors

How to Deal with Rowdy Neighbors

Anyone who has ever lived in apartment knows about rowdy neighbors. Maybe you’ve been lucky and the rowdy ones in your building haven’t bothered you in the past. Even if that’s the case, you almost surely know somebody that’s been driven up the wall by a rude, inconsiderate or rambunctious neighbor.

Dealing with neighbors that are too loud can be problematic for many people. After all, most people simply don’t like confrontation, especially confronting people that they see in a hallway almost every single day.

You can’t let rowdy neighbors ruin your life though! Use this guide to help you deal with neighbors who are making it hard to concentrate, sleep or just enjoy the peace and quiet of your apartment.

Talk to Them

Sometimes, the people that live around you don’t realize quite how loud they’re being. In other cases, they might not know that you can even hear what they’re doing. A lot of people probably think they are barely audible when they’re making a huge racket just because there are walls between you.

That’s why you should always mention noise to your neighbors. If the noise isn’t a problem now, but could be one down the road, try mentioning it in passing when you see them in the hall. You might let them know you could hear the play-by-play during Sunday’s football game or that new album they were listening to at full volume.

Create a Game Plan

Talking to your neighbors is a smart first step toward a little quiet in your life, but it may not always work if you don’t do it in an intelligent fashion. Your neighbors may think you’re just a complainer who likes causing trouble if you don’t do anything more than tell them to keep it down.

Instead, talk to your neighbors and let them know when you need your quiet time. For example, if your neighbor tends to play guitar at midnight, you might want to ask him or her to stop by 11pm if that’s when you usually hit the hay.

Sometimes, just telling people that you don’t mind them making noise – just not when you need to sleep – is all you need to do to seem like a reasonable, compassionate human being and not an old fuddy-duddy.

Consider the Situation

Living in an apartment isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to dealing with a bothersome, loud neighbor. Complaining or telling them to keep it down isn’t always the answer, however. Sometimes you need to think about the situation at hand and what you’ll get out of complaining.
For example, if your neighbor is having a Super Bowl party, complaining about noise won’t do much for you but make you look like a jerk. Chances are they won’t have one again until next year, so using your earplugs or going to see a movie might be a better bet on that day.

Inform Your Landlord

If you’ve asked your neighbor to keep it down multiple times and they just won’t listen, you might not be able to do anything but tell your landlord. Most tenants don’t like this idea, but only your landlord can really force them to keep it down or pay a penalty.
Tell your landlord that you’re turning to them as a last resort and that you’ve spoken with your neighbor before. Most landlords will be sympathetic and deal with the situation for you through verbal and written notices.

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