Easy Storage Solutions for Your Apartment

Easy Storage Solutions for Your Apartment

Finding the right storage solutions for your apartment doesn’t have to involve buying expensive new furniture or getting rid of your memories. Instead, these simple storage ideas can help you take advantage of extra space you’re not using and provide you with innovative ways to stay organized.

Choose dual-purpose furniture

When it’s time to go furniture shopping, keep your need for storage in mind. For example, you may choose a couch that has legs a little higher than usual so you can easily fit extra blankets and pillows under it, or perhaps you’ll pick up an ottoman with a storage compartment. As you shop for goods for your apartment, always think of ways to sneak in a little extra storage.

Use a room divider to create more space

Is there a room in your apartment that has more space than you need? For example, some folks may have a master bedroom with plenty of extra room – even after they’ve added their bed and bedroom furniture. If you’re in this situation, consider adding a room divider and storing your extra stuff behind it. This will create an exotic, mysterious look in your room but will serve a great function too – adding more storage space.

Hang your bike from the ceiling

Many people who live in apartments in Las Vegas bike to and from work. It’s a great way to get exercise, but it can also leave renters frustrated with their bike always in the way when they’re at home. One innovative option is to simply add a bike hook to the ceiling. For example, perhaps you can hang it in an extra space in the living room. It’ll be up and out of the way and will be a great conversation starter when your bike enthusiast friends stop by.

Make the most of open storage

Many apartments in Phoenix have kitchens without much room at all. If you’re in this spot, consider grabbing up a set of metal shelves to use as extra space to store your stuff. Choose a cool metal finish that brings to mind the look of stainless steel. Then add a few of your own decorative touches and you’ve created a cool statement piece that doubles as exceptional storage.

Repurpose a shoe rack

Do you have a ton of small items that you don’t know what to do with? Items that you’d normally throw in a “junk drawer,” but you’re sick of rummaging through it and never finding what you want? There is a simple solution: grab a shoe rack, hang it on the back of a closet door, and use the pockets to organize your small items. You can use that junk drawer for more appropriate purposes and you’ll have all the things you need neatly organized.

Use bookshelves as your bed’s headboard

If you’re like most people, you likely have a bookcase or two and you know that while they can hold a lot besides books, they can also be difficult to place. Kill two birds with one stone by lining two bookcases up behind your bed and let them act as a headboard. You can even hang curtains over them for a more dramatic look.

Heers Management

There are tons of ways to create extra space in your apartment. All it takes is looking at the world a little differently and making the most of what you have. If you’re looking for an apartment in Phoenix or Las Vegas, contact Heers Management. We can help  you find the apartment that’s just right for you.